Sol-Digital Lighting

The Sol-Digital range is a customer favourite at One Stop, offering something for everybody, and at great price points. Choose from:

1000w grow light kits with 400-volt Super HPS technology – exactly like the lighting used in professional greenhouses, but supplied from a home mains supply. Ideal if you're looking to max-out yields, but you’re not quite ready to invest in an automated Gavita, Dimlux or DLI lighting system.

CDM lighting kits that feature the Sol-Digital SuperBRIGHT ballast. CDM lamps deliver full-spectrum light that mimics the sun, and quality-minded growers everywhere are making the switch and seeing improvements in the flavours and aromas of their end-product.

Adjusta-Watt ballasts – a true One Stop staple: 230-volt HPS ballasts that get the job done. We’ve sold thousands of them over the years and we never see them get returned. Dependable ballasts with a rock-solid build-quality, for a decent price.

Spare lamps to suit a massive array of ballasts and reflectors.

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