Green Power Powerbox

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  • Part of a cutting edge solution to lighting control
  • Works alongside the Gavita Master Controller
  • Runs up to 4 x 1000w ballasts or 8 x 600w ballasts
  • 13 amp limit for each pair of two sockets
  • Can be used to power any grow room appliance
  • Flip covers to protect the sockets
  • High quality 3m power cables
  • Hanging bracket for easy installation

Supplies Power to Multiple Lighting Fixtures

The Green Power Powerbox is used to safely power up to four appliances in your grow area from two separate power cables, with a high maximum load of 13 amps for each pair of sockets. The Powerbox really comes into its own when used in conjunction with a lighting control system, such as the Gavita Master Controller. You can then use it to power your ballasts while the Gavita Master Controller regulates on and off times (as well as doing a whole lot more). Part of a truly innovative approach to lighting control!

*This product is not a contactor and should not be used with a timer. Both plugs are used to supply power to all sockets.

How the Powerbox Works:

The Green Power Powerbox can be used to power up to 8 separate appliances from two 13 amp power cables. The Powerbox was originally designed as a heavy-duty power distribution unit, but it really comes into its own when teamed with the new Gavita Master Controller and the E-series range of Gavita ballasts. This technology is relatively new and requires that you have a slight re-think about the way your lighting system is put together. Don't worry though, the process is fairly simple and requires very little change. Here, the switching on and off of ballasts is dictated by a central lighting controller that has no influence over the power supply. Previously, the switching of ballasts was regulated by a timer that was used in conjunction with a contactor unit. When it was time to switch lighting off, the timer connected to the contactor would instantly switch off the power to any ballasts it was driving. Though this works fine, in order for the Gavita Master Controller to reach its full potential, a few changes had to be made.

In this new design, the ballasts that drive your lamps have access to a continuous power source without the need of a timer unit. Instead, the Gavita Master Controller connects directly to the ballasts via digital cables, communicating information about when to switch on, when to switch off and a whole lot more!

The Powerbox supplies continuous power to your ballasts, spreading the load over two power cables. Each set of two sockets on the Powerbox can handle a combined load of 13 amps, allowing you to power up to four 1000w ballasts from the 4-Way unit, six 600w ballasts from the 6-Way unit and eight 600w ballasts from the 8-Way unit. Always check their load in amps to ensure that they sit within range. Consult a professional if you are at all unsure.

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1x Green Power Powerbox of your choice

4-Way Green Power Powerbox  -runs up to 4 x 1000w ballasts
6-Way Green Power Powerbox - runs up to 6 x 600w ballasts
8-Way Green Power Powerbox - runs up to 8 x 600w ballasts

How to Use the Powerbox:

Take the two plugs at the end of the two power cables coming from the bottom of the unit and connect them to two separate power sockets. Do not connect both plugs to a single multi-socket! If you are planning on using equipment with a combined load (on all sockets) exceeding 13amp, then please ensure that the mains sockets you choose are linked to a separate ring circuit. If you are at all unsure, consult a professional for advice. Once you are happy that everything is correct, you can then plug in and power any electrical appliances required for your indoor garden. Just ensure that a load of no more than 13 amps is placed on each side of two sockets. Always check the load of each ballast to ensure that it sits within the correct range and consult a professional if at all unsure.

The Green Power Powerbox cannot be connected to a timer, so the switching on and off of the ballasts will need to be performed by a controller unit, such as the Gavita Master Controller.


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