Green Potting Scoop

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  • Made from tough, strong plastic
  • Saves having to measure out your potting mediums with your hands
  • No more trying to pour mediums straight out from the bag, with half of it ending up on the floor!
  • Endlessly re-usable
  • Great for dog owners too! (so our doggie-owning customers tell us...)

Green Potting Scoop

Transferring your grow-medium from a bag and into your pots can be a bit of a messy business! This green potting scoop makes the job easier and faster than doing it with your hands. An invaluable greenhouse tool that every gardener should have!

How the Green Potting Scoop Works:

Filling your pots with soil, coco, clay pebbles etc. from a 50 litre bag means either transferring handful by handful or trying to pour it out straight from the bag. Either way, it's a bit of a pain, and very often more ends up on the floor than in the pot! Our green potting scoop makes the job of filling your pots easier and cleaner. A standard bit of grower's kit.


1 x Green Potting Scoop.

Using the Green Potting Scoop

Use the green potting scoop to shovel soil, coco, clay pebbles etc from a bag and into your pots. A lot of our customers are dog owners and have bought a second one just to use for their pets! We're sure our green potting scoop has many other uses too!

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