Green Man Dripper/DWC Systems

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  • Uses a combination of DWC and aeration ring dripper to maximise nutrient uptake and promote exceptional growth
  • Huge reservoir tank, with a 40 litre root growing capacity, meaning plants never become root-bound
  • Uses an air pump to move water through the dripper ring whilst, simultaneously oxygenating each individual pot underneath via DWC
  • Can be used with various growing medias like coco, clay pebbles or 60/40 coco pebbles mix
  • Inspection lid for easy access to your reservoir and airline gaps on each corner
  • Combines with the IWS brain for complete watering control
  • Super simple to setup and operate with everything needed in one kit
  • Manufactured by Green Air U.K to grow trees... BIG TREES!

Embrace the Benefits of Combination Hydroponic Growing Techniques with Green Man Dripper / DWC Systems

The Green Man Dripper / DWC System is a hydroponic system like no other, combining the advantages of both DWC (deep water culture) and aeration dripper to maximize the positive elements of both hydroponic growing cultures in one system. When using the Green Man Hydroponic System you can be sure of one thing ....... growing huge plants ,verging on trees in super quick time, while using minimal amounts of medium and even less physical effort. Giving you more free time to admire and tend your indoor garden, whilst watching your plants explode in exuberant growth from this unique combination system.


How the Green Man Dripper / DWC System Works

The Green Man Hydroponic System combines two forms of hydroponic growing techniques in one, giving you the best of both worlds. The aeration dripper ring feeds the plant placed in the centre from above. It wets your chosen medium which in turn stimulates speedy root growth. Once the roots have developed sufficiently, they will migrate through the drainage holes in the top tray and into the water below; this is where the DWC function kicks in. The roots hit the highly oxygenated water below (whilst still being watered from above), which triggers even more aggressive growth. The reason behind this staggering growth is the combination of feeding provided by both types of hydroponics, merging the benefits of both to provide the best of both worlds.



Green Man Grow Systems (between 2 - 12 units depending on your choice of system)
IWS Flexi Tank (100 litre, 250 litre or 400 litre depending on your choice of system) - Please Note - this system currently comes with AutoPot Flexi Tanks, performance and quality will not be affected
IWS Custom Brain Bucket
IWS Straight pieces
IWS Tee pieces (if applicable)
13mm Flexi Ice line pipe
Air line check valves
Hailea 4-inch air stones
PVC airline
Hailea air pump for your chosen system (Charles Austin ET30 or ET40 for larger systems)
Stainless steel manifolds (if applicable)

Which system will fit my tent?
2 pot and 4 pot  - 1.2 x 1.2 metre
6 pot and 8 pot - 1.2 x 2.4 metre
12 pot -  2.0 x 2.0 metre

How to Use the Green Man Dripper / DWC System

The Green Man System is simple to put together and use. You will find the following items useful: A sharp knife or scissors for cutting the IWS pipe, a spanner for tightening nuts and a suitable container of warm (half-boiled) water to soften the end of piping to make it easier to fit onto the 13mm straight connectors provided. The IWS brain pot and the Green Man Systems need to be installed on the same surface. The surface also needs to be level, otherwise the system will either under or over-fill the Green Man Systems.

First, you will need to assemble the Flexi Tank. This is a very quick and easy process: unfold and open up the waterproof material outer, insert the supporting poles into the side sleeves and fit the feet to the undersides of each pole. Place the Green Man Systems in the formation that suits your needs, typically a square or rectangle formation is preferred. Fit the elbows into the sealing gland that comes with the Green Man System, then measure and then cut the Flexi pipe to the appropriate lengths and fit them onto the 13mm elbows and connect them to the IWS brain pot via the 13mm straight pieces. The IWS flexi tank connects to the brain pot and automatically fills up the brain pot as it gets used by the plants.


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