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Gold Label - Hydro Clay Pebbles 45 Litres

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  • Loved by growers, and proven to deliver the goods
  • Rough, porous surfaces for great water-holding capacity
  • Has a naturally low CF level
  • Contains various sizes of pebble, from 6mm to 12mm in diameter
  • Provides a secure and stable hydroponic rooting medium
  • Re-useable
  • Can be used to top-dress soil or coco to reduce evaporation
  • Can be mixed into soil, coco or soilless mediums to improve drainage
  • Allows incredibly fast root growth due to the huge amount of oxygen in the root-zone

The Industry's Go-To Clay Pebbles – A Tried and Tested Substrate that Delivers the Goods!

Gold Label Hydro Clay Pebbles are an industry favourite for a very good reason: they've been proven to get the job done over years of use, and there are legions of hydro growers out there who won't use anything else! Hydro pebbles create an airy root-zone, holding lots of water on their rough, porous surfaces, while providing a stable medium for your plant to grow into. A high quality product.

For even better results, why not take a look at HydroCorn clay pebbles? The price difference is negligible, but HydroCorn's unique 'popcorn' shape gives it a greater surface area, while creating more air gaps to oxygenate roots. This delivers faster growth rates and stronger plants, making it well worth the trade-up!


How Hydro Clay Pebbles Work:

Gold Label Hydro clay pebbles are round-shaped pebbles of expanded clay. They have a coarse outer layer with lots of pores, giving them a huge surface area, allowing them to hold lots of water. Because they are hard, they do not compact down. This creates air-gaps between each pebble, delivering lots of oxygen to roots. These gaps allow Hydro Clay Pebbles to drain almost completely freely, avoiding water-logging. Gold Label Hydro can also be added to soils, coco and soilless mixes to improve drainage or can be used to top-dress pots containing other grow-mediums to reduce water evaporation.

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1 x 45 litre bag of Gold Label Hydro Clay Pebbles

Using Gold Label - Hydro Clay Pebbles:

Gold Label Hydro Clay Pebbles usually need to be washed prior to being used as they tend to have clay-dust on them due to rubbing together during transportation. For the very best results, wash and soak in pH adjusted water over a period of 3-5 days, replacing the pH’ed water daily. This will produce a medium that does not increase the CF of your nutrient solution and has minimal impact on pH. When they have been cleaned they can be put into ebb and flow (flood and drain) systems or into pots for a dripper-system and your plants put straight into them. After harvest, old roots can be removed manually before re-use. Soaking the pebbles in a quality enzyme product for a few days will also help break down the old roots. By doing this, clay pebbles can be re-used several times. However, after a few uses, the Gold Label Hydro clay pebbles tend to lose their rough, porous surface and will need to be replaced to maintain your grow-room efficiency. Gold Label Hydro Clay Pebbles can be mixed into soils to improve drainage or used to top-dress soil-containers to reduce water evaporation.

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