GN Telos Cables and h-Connector

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  • Remote Driver Cable - Allows you to use the driver unit remotely, helping to solve head height and heat issues
  • AC Link Cable & h-Connector - Allows you to daisy chain power to several Telos lights via 1 main socket
  • Sturdy Wieland connectors used throughout, with an IP66 ingress protection rating
  • Highly specced cables and connectors, insure safety and reliability 
  • Easy to use and install

Daisy Chain Power to your GN Telos Grow Lights or Place your Driver Unit Remotely

Grow Northern Telos LED grow lights are superb pieces of equipment. These three GN Telos accessories enable you to customise the wiring of your GN grow lights. There's the Remote Driver Cable, which allows for remote placement of the Meanwell driver and the AC Link Cable and h-block splitter, that allow you to daisy chain your Telos Grow Lights from one socket.

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How the GN Telos Cables and H-Connector Work

All GN Telos Grow Lights have a driver attached to the top of the heatsink. This driver connects into the light via a waterproof (IP66) black-coded Wieland connector but adds extra height, weight and heat being mounted directly. The Remote Driver Cable allows the you to detach the driver from the top and place it up to 3 metres away, helping to reduce excess heat and also reduces the height of the Telos unit by a further 3 inchs, making it lighter and easier to hang.

The AC Link Cable and h- Connector make it is possible to daisy chain power from a single socket into several Telos lights with just one power cable. The waterpoof (IP66) green-coded power feed cable can be disconnected and a h-block splitter connector inserted, allowing for multiple units to be run in sequence. By using an AC Cable the mains power can then be fed on to another GN Telos grow light, saving valuable plug sockets for other grow room equipment.

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1 x Your choice of GN Remote Driver Cable, AC Link Cable or h-connector

Cable lengths

Remote Driver Cable - 2 metres
AC Link Cable - 3 metres

How to Use the GN Telos Cables and H-Connector

To install the Remote Driver Cable it is neccessary to detatch the driver unit from the top of the Telos Grow Light by cutting away the two metal locking straps. To do this we recommend using a pair of metal snips. Once it has been removed. Twist the locking ring so that the arrow points to the "open padlock" symbol. The driver unit can then be disconnected from the light unit and the Remote Driver Cable can be fitted. When pushing connectors together make sure the the arrow on the locking ring is in the "open padlock" position. Once the connectors are together, the locking ring can be turned so that the arrow points to the "locked padlock" so that it cannot be accidentally pulled apart. The driver unit can now be placed up to 3 metres away.

To use the AC Link Cable and h-connector, first disconnect the green-coded connector on the mains inlet side of the driver unit by turning the arrow on the locking ring to the "open padlock" symbol and pulling the connector apart. Attach the end of the mains lead to the side of the h-connector with only one connection. The driver unit can then be plugged in to one of the connectors on the side with 2 connectors on it. The AC Link cable can then be used to feed power to another drive unit. Always remember to secure connectors together using the locking ring.

Please Note: It is important not to daisy chain so many lights that your mains wall socket outlet becomes overloaded. To err on the side of caution and saftey we would recommend that no more than 8x Telos0010s, 10x Telos0008s or 12 Telos0006s should be daisy changed together from one mains wall socket outlet at any given time.


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