Genesis - P/K Plus Mush

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  • Concentrated mush – just add water and shake!
  • Helps to trigger the development of flowers after switching to 12/12
  • Helps to toughen fruits towards the end of the flowering stage
  • Increases the development of essential oils
  • Adds to the final weight of the end product
  • Provides essential macro nutrients for the flowering stages

Genesis - P/K Plus Mush

This is Green Air’s phosphorus and potassium based a flowering additive that works as both a bloom booster (for accelerating the bloom phase) and a flowering enhancer (for hardening fruits and increasing final weight).  It comes with a pedigree that has made the Genesis range a smash hit and highly sought after by old-school growers who demand the very best in terms of quality and yield.

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How P/K Plus Mush Works

P/K Plus is a high-quality flowering booster and stimulator that provides plants with the additional macro nutrients required for healthy fruiting. Extra phosphorus and potassium, delivered in the correct quantities, stimulate the production of essential oils, which in turn leads to a dramatic increase in the final weight of the end product, while also improving the scent and appearance. P/K Plus can be used at lower doses after switching lights over to a 12 hours on / 12 hours off cycle, in order to speed up the transition from veg to flower, shortening the length of time it takes to get to harvest. All in all, an essential product that comes with the same a pedigree as the rest of the Green Air Genesis range.

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