Gavita Pro Line 600 - 400 Volt / 600 Watt Digital Ballast

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  • Gavita Pro - Professional level horticultural lighting converted for domestic use
  • Pro Line Ballast drives the 600 watt / 400 volt Greenpower lamp
  • Used with the Hortistar 600 SE reflector
  • 400v high frequency technology
  • Improved yields over traditonal ballasts
  • Produces richer spectrums than typical HPS set-ups
  • Gavita Pro Line - 95% efficiency rating
  • 3 year manufacturer's warranty

Gavita Pro Line 600 - 400 Volt / 600 Watt Ballast

The Gavita Pro Line 600 Ballast is the same ballast found with the Gavita Pro 600 SE complete fixture. It converts mains electricity to drive the special Gavita Pro 600W EL / 400 Volt HPS lamp. For this reason, you will need to use it in conjunction with the Hortistar 600 SE reflector, which comes with a reflector cable that can be connected to the ballast’s wieland socket. You'll then have the same features that are found with the Gavita Pro 600 complete fixture, but with the ability to mount your ballast separately from the reflector. Just make sure that the reflector cable and the power cable to the ballast do not cross, as this can cause electromagnetic interference.

How the Gavita Pro Line 600 Ballast Works:

The Gavita Pro Line 600 Ballast converts mains electricity to the correct voltage and current to start-up and power a 600 Watt HPS or MH lamp by using a microprocessor to regulate a digital power-output system. Digital Ballasts produce a greater lumen output, are more economical on power and they don't degrade with age like core and coil style magnetic ballasts, which can often become noisy, use more electricity and produce fewer lumens as they get older.

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1 x Gavita Pro Line 600 - 400 Volt/ 600 Watt Ballast

How to Use the Gavita Pro Line 600 Ballast:

If you intend to use this ballast without the separate lighting controller, you'll need a contactor and timer to switch your lighting on and off at the correct times. Check the rating of the equipment to ensure that it can handle the Gavita Pro LInes load. Hang your reflector centrally in the grow area and screw your chosen lamp (both items sold separately) into the reflector's E40 socket. Connect the reflector's kettle lead to the IEC socket on the ballast. Remove the power cable from the box and connect the IEC connector on one end to the ballast. The 3-pin plug at the other end can then be plugged into an output socket on your contactor. Full details on using contactors and timers can be found on the appropriate listings. Once you are happy that everything is correct, turn on the power at the mains supply.

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