Gavita e-Series LED Adapter

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  • Connects the Gavita LED to EL1EL2, EL1F or EL2F Master Controllers
  • Allows you to dim the lighting output without negatively impact the spectrum (with a controller)
  • Makes LEDs compatible with sunrise / sunset mode, auto-dim and auto-shutdown, etc.
  • Two RJ45 sockets for daisy chaining - one for 'in' and one for 'out'

Connects the Gavita Pro LED Grow Light to a Master Controller

E-Series LED Adapters make your Gavita LED compatible with Master Controller EL1 and EL2 units, adding extra functionality and allowing it to be controlled alongside other e-Series Gavita fixtures.

How this Adapter Works

By connecting to an EL1 or EL2, you can take advantage of an extensive range of features like centralised control, sunrise / sunset mode, auto-dimming and auto-shutdown.

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1 x Gavita e-Series LED Adapter, connection cables

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