G.A.S. V1 Hyper Fan Multi Phase Fan Controller

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  • Regulates fan speed acording to room temperature
  • Maintains an optimal climate
  • Works with any Phresh Hyper Fan or Phresh Hyper Fan Stealth V1
  • Incredibly energy efficient
  • Displays temps in both Celsius and Fahrenheit
  • Detects environmental conditions with a temperature sensor
  • Reduces energy bills

Hyper Climate Control!

Please Note - the G.A.S. V1 Hyper Fan Digital EC Fan Controller doesn't work with V2 Hyperfans.

The G.A.S. Hyper Fan Digital EC Fan Controller is the update to the original Hyperfan Controller and is fully compatible with the Phresh Hyper Fan and Phresh Hyper Fan Stealth. It allows you to automate your Hyper Fan output levels, so that they react to changes in temperature, creating an optimal growing environment and providing additional peace of mind.

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What Cables Do I Need?

This controller is supplied with a Non-Active 5m Male to Male Cable, which will allow you to connect up a V1 Hyper Fan. V1 Hyper Fans come with these cables as standard, so there's generally no need to buy them separately. You can connect two V1 Hyper Fans to this controller by adding in a Non-Active Y-Splitter. Note that it must be non-active!

V2 Hyper Fans do not work with the G.A.S. Hyper Fan Digital EC Fan Controller!

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