G.A.S. Digital EC Fan Controller - Used With Systemair Vector EC

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  • No more humming or buzzing sounds!
  • Easily pays for itself by drastically reducing energy costs
  • Ridiculously powerful electronically commutated (EC) motor
  • Plugs directly into Vector EC fans
  • Highly energy efficient system
  • Maintains an optimal grow room climate
  • Precise climate control - regulates fans from 1% output to 100%
  • Features reactive temperature technology
  • Switches between Fahrenheit and Celsius

Next Generation Fan Controllers that Run Efficiently, Silently and with Pinpoint Accuracy

Please note - the G.A.S EC Fan Controller is currently out of stock, pre-order yours now and get yours as soon as they land (due November).

The GAS Digital EC Fan Controller is an essential part of a Systemair Revolution Vector EC fan set-up. Together, they represent the most advanced extraction system on the market. Unlike other duct fans, Vectors have been engineered from the ground up for use in the hydroponics industry, after years of intensive research and development. They have ridiculously powerful digital motors and they're very quiet relative to the volume of air they move (though not 'silent' as some would claim). This controller will regulate fans at airflow levels between 1% and 100% with no buzzing or humming, responding to the conditions in the room with pinpoint accuracy. See the video below for more info.


How the GAS Digital EC Fan Controller Works

The GAS fan controller regulates fan speeds from 1% to 100% in 1% increments, which makes it ideal for using over-sized fans in your grow space.

When you turn your fan speed controller down to, say, 15% (as an example) you actually get 15% of the airflow. Other duct fans don't deliver this because they were originally built for use in industrial settings and were never really engineered to be turned down, making them inefficient when running at airflow levels lower than their intended spec.

G.A.S. / Vector systems also use much less power than other fan & fan controller combos. The EC motor on the Vector is incredibly energy efficient, but there's an added bonus: when you turn your fan speed down to, say, 20%, you only use 20% of the energy. Other fan speed controller set-ups use the same amount of power regardless of the setting - you don't save money by turning your fans down. Switch to a Vector and you'll slash the cost of your energy bills every time your fans run at a lower setting.

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How to Use the GAS Digital EC Fan Controller

What Cables do I Need?

This controller is supplied with a Non-Active 5m Male to Male Cable, which will allow you to connect up a Vector EC fan. If you want to use two fans with this controller, add in a Non-Active Y-Splitter and another Non-Active 5m Male to Male Cable. Just make sure that your intake fan is smaller than your extractor fan, in order to maintain negative pressure in the room.

Alternatively, if you want complete control over the output rates of your intake and extraction, take a look at the separately available G.A.S Balancer. The Balancer comes with another 5m Non-Active Male to Male Cable and data cable (Balancer Extension) that will connect it to the GAS Digital EC Fan Controller, thus giving you everything you need to run an intake and extraction without buying additional cables.

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