Food Grade Reservoir

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  • Large 60 or 80 litre capacity, perfect for multiple plants
  • Tough moulded plastic and light-proof
  • Excellent reservoir for DIY hydroponic systems

Food Grade Reservoir


The Food Grade Reservoir is a strong versatile reservoir perfect for use is making your own hydroponics system including the infamous ‘Brummie Bubbler’. As its tough, food grade plastic you can rest assured there will be no leaching from the plastic into your plants water supply.


How the Food Grade Reservoir Works

The Food Grade Reservoir is perfect if you want to bulid your own hydroponic system. Made with food grade, tough and lightproof plastic, these reservoirs are available in 60 litre and 80 litre versions.

The Food Grade Reservoir is only available in store. Please call us on 01782 749955 or email at




1 x  Food Grade Reservoir (choose between 60 litre and 80 litre versions)


60 litre: 64cm x 34cm

80 litre: 71cm x 41cm


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