Evoponic - Liquid Ice - 250ml

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  • Causes plants to thrive in high temperatures
  • Dramatically increases plants' resistance to heat stress
  • Highly potent bio-stimulant
  • Protects your crop against losses - particularly in the summer
  • Ramps up the production of growth hormone
  • Contains lots of micronutrients
  • Contains gibberellins, auxins, betaines, amino acids, vitamin B1
  • Extensive research and development performed in Middle Eastern greenhouses
  • Easy to administer - just add it in with your feed
  • A highly concentrated product - used at 0.3ml to 0.5ml per litre!
  • Fully effective in any medium and in any system

Experiencing High Growroom Temperatures? Protect Your Crop with Liquid Ice!

Liquid Ice will keep your plants growing to their full potential, even when exposed to temperatures well out of their ideal ranges. It works by triggering the production of large quantities of natural growth hormone - you could almost think of it as being like a course of steroids for your plants, strengthening them up and dramatically increasing their resistance to heat. Liquid Ice is highly valued by the commercial growing industry; its formula has been tweaked and improved after extensive testing in the food producing greenhouses of the Middle East. 25 degrees C is an optimal temperature for typical plants, but just by adding Liquid Ice, your plants can THRIVE at temperatures of 30 degrees and above!


1 x 250ml pouch of Liquid Ice

How to Use Liquid Ice

For soil, coco and hydro, use Liquid Ice alongside your other nutrients at a rate of 3ml to 5ml for every 10 litres of nutrient solution, which is equal to 0.3ml to 0.5ml per litre.

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