Evoponic - Liquid Heat - 250ml

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  • Acts like anti freeze for plants
  • Another unique Evoponic product
  • Advanced Biostimulant
  • Protects against stress in cold and frosty conditions, as low as 5oC
  • Prevents Flower Abortion
  • Allows fast plant development even at low temperatures
  • Encourages growth hormone production
  • Maintains high growth rates throughout the winter

Reduce the Negative Effects of Low Temps

Liquid Heat has been proven to reduce the negative effects of low temperature growing environments, allowing your plants to not only cope but thrive when temperatures drop below 5oC. Liquid Heat is designed to be used by growers who are striving to reach high levels of production when growing in less than favourable environments, as Liquid Heat acts like plant anti-freeze.


1x 250g sachet of Evoponic Liquid Heat

How to Use Evoponic Liquid Heat

Use at a rate of 4mls per 10 litres in all media types (soil, coco or hydropoincs).

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