ETI Thermometer-Hygrometer with External Probe

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  • Can display temps from either the main unit or the external probe
  • Displays in both celcius and fahrenheit
  • Displays relative humidity levels gathered from the external probe
  • Displays maximum and minimum temperatures
  • Features an ice-point alert function
  • Comes with a AAA battery
  • Ice point alert

Environment is Everything! Make Sure Yours is Bang-On with a Thermometer-Hygrometer

The Thermometer-Hygrometer will keep track of temperature and humidity levels in your grow area. It comes with an external probe. You can take readings from wherever you position the probe and have it display on the unit itself. Great for keeping outside your tent.


How the Thermometer-Hygrometer Works

The Therma-Hygrometer takes temperature and relative humidty readings in your grow area. Unlike many standalone units, it comes with an external probe. The great thing is, the unit itself doesn't need to be kept inside the grow area: for example, you can keep the main unit outside of your grow tent and keep the probe inside your tent. You can then check on the environment in your grow area without having to open the tent doors - particularly useful during dark periods.

The external probe measures from -49.9 to 69.9 degrees celsius. The internal temperature sensor measures from 0 - 49.9 degrees celsius.

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