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Essential Omega LED Grow Tent Kits

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  • Low-cost Omega Spectra quantum-board style LED set-ups
  • We only ever use quality branded items including: BudBox Lite grow tents, 2-Speed fans, Rhino Hobby carbon filter, and LUMii Heavy-Duty Timer
  • Don't be fooled by cheap grow tent kits on the internet that include poor quality carbon filters, etc. which wear out quickly and end up costing you more money
  • Saves money over buying the items individually
  • All the parts are carefully matched to work perfectly together

Incredible Value for Money LED Grow Kit - Just Add Media and Nutrients

Our Essential Grow Kits provide you with the quality grow gear that you need to get up and running. If you want to max-out on yields, then you'll need to invest some extra cash, but you just can't beat Essential Grow Kits at this price-point. We've included Omega Spectra LEDs, which deliver excellent performance rates. They feature 2.8 umol per watt efficiency levels, full-spectrum outputs and they're comptible with controllers. They'll deliver excellent results during both veg AND flower.

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Budget pH and EC Testing Kit - everything you need to maintain nutrients at the correct strength level and pH

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Check out our range of LED Grow Kits for higher quality, pro-level components! 

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Omega Quantum Board Style LED Grow Lights

If you're on a tight budget, though, you really can't beat one of these Omega LEDs. They run at a ground-breaking 2.8 umol per watt, delivering an intense, full-spectrum output that's tuned towards the red areas of the spectrum, helping plants to pile on weight during the bloom phase. There's also enough blue light in there to veg plants up nicely, preventing stretching for more efficient overall development.

These units are nice and light, coming in at only 3.2 kg, and they're very easy to hang. Some people prefer this style of fixture (to spiders) because they're easier to work around. Two of these lights would cover a 1.2m square area quite nicely, and you could potentially accommodate three in the same space. As always, start off with the light raised as far as possible and lower it down gradually to avoid causing stress. These things are insanely bright, so bring them down slowly.

BudBox Lite

The BudBox Lite grow tent range offers you many of the benefits of the BudBox Pro grow tent range at a fraction of the price. The lightweight and tough, silver lined tent fabric reflects the light emanating from your lamp back towards your plants, while the white powder coated 16mm steel frame work supports your grow lighting and ventilation systems via the hanging rails and hanging straps.

Mixed Flow Fans

The Mixed-Flow fan is used to remove stale, humid air from the grow area. By attaching a carbon filter to it, you can also remove odours from the area at the same time. Your extraction system is the main tool at your disposal for taking control of the grow room environment, so it makes sense to invest in the best equipment that you can lay your hands on. The Mixed Flow Fan represents great value for money, offering two speed settings, a decent build-quality, plug-and-play functionality and high levels of air movement.

Rhino Hobby

Rhino Hobby carbon filters are made with the same virgin Australian carbon as the premium Rhino Pro range: RC412, but they have a shorter lifespan. Rhino Hobby carbon filters feature a swappable bottom and duct-coupler and they should be turned around every 8-12 weeks to even out the wear ensuring the filters last for their full 9-12 months expected lifespan.


How to Use the Omega Spectra LED Kit

See the individual products for more information.


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