Elite 91 Roots - 250ml

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  • Elite 91 – a smash hit on social networks
  • Delivers truly explosive root growth
  • Faster root growth leads to stronger, healthier plants
  • Super-concentrated solution - effective at doses of only 0.15ml per litre!
  • Reduces the likelihood of encountering root diseases like pythium

Promotes Intense Root Growth and Development for Happier Plants and Bigger Yields

Elite 91 Roots is a powerful biological root booster that has developed a fierce reputation on social networks. As any seasoned grower will tell you, better roots make for bigger and better plants, so it's worth investing in a root booster that really delivers the goods. Expect to see the rapid development of vibrant white, healthy roots, and in turn, accelerated growth in the top half of the plant.

How Elite 91 Roots Works

Roots is a powerful root booster that utilises biological ingredients to stimulate the growth of new roots and increase the health of existing ones. It's built up a fierce reputation among growers on social media and has proven itself to be highly effective across multiple real-world tests. Do your research on this one and you'll be as impressed as we were.

Any skilled grower will tell you that healthy roots make for bigger and better plants. The stronger your roots are, the more easily your plants will be able to utilise any nutrients that you give to them. By treating plants with Roots, you'll also drastically reduce the likelihood of encountering root diseases like pythium, which can destroy entire crops.


1 x 250ml bottle of Elite 91 Roots

How to Use Elite 91 Roots

Roots produces amazing results in any grow medium, whether it be soil-based, coco or hydroponic. Please note that, because it utilises biological ingredients, it will need to be shaken thoroughly before every use and it shouldn't be used alongside sterilising agents like H2O2 or Silver Bullet. Use it in conjunction with your regular base nutrients and additives. Add it with every feed, starting from seedling / cutting, and finishing 5 or 6 weeks into the flowering stages. Use it a rate of 0.15 to 0.5ml per litre.

Roots can be added to compost teas at a rate of 0.5ml - 1.25ml per litre.

Rooting plugs can be pre-soaked with Roots to speed up turnaround times and improve success rates. Use it a rate of 0.25ml to 0.75ml per litre.

Roots can also be used as foliar spray to help correct deficiencies and boost overall health and vitality. Add it to your spray gun at a rate of 0.5ml to 2.5ml per litre of water.

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