Ecothrive Life-Cycle Soil Amendment

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  • Great for re-charging soils, especially super soils
  • Loaded with nutrient-rich ingredients
  • Promotes rapid growth rates and tough, resilient plants
  • Establishes large colonies of beneficial bacteria and fungi
  • Contains a healthy dose of the ever-popular Ecothrive Charge
  • Proudly made in the United Kingdom

Restores the Nutrient Content of Soils

Life-Cycle turbo-charges your growing media with a selection of potent ingredients that perform a wide array of roles. It supplies slow-release nutrients, boosts growth rates and provides food sources for colonies of beneficial micro-organisms. These micro-organisms then work to push plants even further by making nutrients more available and boosting uptake rates. Life-Cycle restores depleted super soils back to full potency, saving you money on fresh bags of media.


How Life-Cycle Works

Mix Life-Cycle in with your soil before potting up and it will provide an array of nutrients and growth enhancers, as well as food for your populations of beneficial organisms. It's great for recharging super soils after they've been used. Just remove the root system, sift out any excess roots and mix in some Life-Cycle. This saves you from having to buy another full batch of super soil, which could get quite costly, given that each plant generally requires at 40 litres of medium to sustain a full grow.


1 x pack of Ecothrive Life-Cycle 1kg


Ecothrive Charge (mealworm castings) - a hugely popular organic additive that contains a magical ingredient called chitin, which signals plants to increase their resistance to stress.

Neem Cake - rich in macronutrients, especially the secondary macronutrients Calcium and Magnesium. Also affects an array of pests and pathogens, helping to keep your crop protected.

Kelp Meal - contains natural growth hormones, like cytokinins (which drive cell division), indoles (which speed up root development), and auxins / gibberellins (which assist in nutrient mobility). Kelp meal also contains 60 trace elements.

Crustacean Meal - 100% krill that delivers essential fatty acids to feed the beneficial microbes, as well as NPK nutrients.

Basalt Rock Dust - loaded with natural silicon, which helps to strengthen stems and toughen up branches.

Gypsum - boosts beneficial microbes while chelating nutrients, converting them to forms that are easier for the plant to absorb, increasing overall nutrient uptake.

Humic and Fulvic Acids - boosts beneficial microbes while chelating nutrients, converting them to forms that are easier for the plant to absorb, increasing overall nutrient uptake.

How to Use Life-Cycle

Life-Cycle should be mixed with your substrate before potting up to improve overall plant performance.

Add it to fresh soil or coco at a rate of 300g-350g for every 50 litres of growing media. 

Add it to used super soil at a rate of 250g for every 40 litres of growing media.

You can also top-dress with Life-Cycle. Dust the surface of your pots with 15ml -30ml and water as usual. Repeat the process every three weeks.


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