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Ecotechnics Evolution CO2 Analyser - NDIR CO2 Sensor

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  • Optimizes CO2 levels according to atmospheric data
  • Provides highly accurate information for your Evolution Controller and Regulator
  • Solid state design
  • Uses non-dispersive infrared sensing technology
  • Very user-friendly
  • 1 year manufacturer’s warranty

Ecotechnics Evolution CO2 Analyser - NDIR CO2 Sensor

If you’ve mastered the art of indoor gardening and want to take your grow to the next level, then CO2 supplementation is for you. For the purpose of maintaining optimal concentrations of CO2 in your grow area, there really is no better option than an Ecotechnics CO2 Analyser and its complimentary equipment: the Evolution CO2 Controller and the UNIS CO2 Regulator. The CO2 Analyser detects levels in the surrounding air and feeds the information back to your Controller, which then tells the Regulator how often, and for how long, CO2 should be released from a cylinder.



How the Ecotechnics CO2 Analyser Works

The Ecotechnics CO2 analyser detects levels of carbon dioxide present in the surrounding atmosphere and feeds the information back to a (separately available) CO2 Controller. With this information, the CO2 Controller can then tell a (separately available) CO2 Regulator how often and for how long CO2 needs to be dosed. In this way, you can insure that the levels present in the atmosphere sit within optimal ranges at all times. Without the use of this Analyser, CO2 can only be dosed according to the size of the room. The problem with this is that levels above 1500ppm can start to have a detrimental effect on CO2 supplementation, and concentrations above 2000ppm can become toxic to plants and cause growth to actually slow down or grind to halt completely. That’s why it pays to get supplementation right – and the best way to do this is with a CO2 Analyser.

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1 x CO2 Analyser, 1 x instruction manual

Want to increase the effect of additional Co2? Use Proactive Nano alongside this product, it maximises your plants uptake of Co2 and optimises its photosynthesis.

Required, but not supplied:
CO2 Cylinder
Ecotechnics CO2 Regulator
Ecotechnics Evolution CO2 Controller

How to Use Ecotechnics CO2 Analysers

The Ecotechnics CO2 Analyser will need to be used in conjunction with an Ecotechnics Evolution CO2 Controller. Installing it is a quick and easy process – remove the protective plastic covering, mount it in a suitable place using the supplied fixture and connect the Analyser to the Controller via the RJ11 socket on the bottom left hand side of the unit.

The Analyser will then supply information about CO2 levels present in the air around it to your Ecotechnics Evolution Controller. The Controller can accommodate a wide variety of different set-ups and can even be used to regulate your extraction while dosing, so once you’ve familiarized yourself with its features, download the instruction manual via the attachments tab above this description and read it very carefully before using it for the first time. Remember that concentrations above 2000ppm can be toxic to plants, and that levels above 4000ppm to 5000ppm are toxic to humans!

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