Ecotechnics EMS Pro USB Sensor Temperature, Humidity and CO2

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  • Simple plug and play sensor
  • Windows compatable
  • Easy to read and record for later analysis
  • Real time graphical display
  • Records all aspects of your growing area
  • Includes CD with all software required
  • 1 year warranty as standard

Measure temperature, humidity and CO2 quickly and easily on one device

The measurment of temperature and humidity has become common sight in some if not all grow rooms, while the measurement of CO2 for the smaller scale or hobby grower has been illusive. The Ecotechnics EMS Pro is designed for all sized growing areas, combining temperature, humidity and CO2 sensors in one small device. Not only can you measure the levels of CO2 in your room (and adjust them accordingly) the package contains software you can install on your home computer to chart your growing progress.

The EMS-Pro is the culmination of a pain staking research and development program at Ecotechnics, with the goal to create a simple usb sensor to measure temperature, humidity & CO2 levels and to record them for later analysis in one package, it looks like they have succeeded.


How the Ecotechnics EMS Pro Sensor Works

Factors in your grow room can change suddenly with this device your trying to stay ahead of these changes, the more stable the growing environment the more stable your plants will feel and with this stabilty preformance is improved. The sensor scans the growing area constanlty to assess the three main factors of temperature, humidity and CO2 levels, it then sends this information back to the user via the software provided. Over time you can analyis the information and adjust accordingly.



1x Eco-technics EMS Pro Sensor, 1x installation CD

9.5cm x 7cm x 3.5cm

Cable length
2.9 meters


How to Use the Ecotechnics EMS Pro Sensor

The sensor is vitrutally plug and play, simply install the software from the disc provided and then connect to your home computer via the USB. The sensor will take a little time to adjust to its new environment. Longer term you will be able to see the changes going on inside your grow area, make adjustments when required and give you greater insights into your indoor environment. 

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