Easy Hook Clips for Easy Rolls 2.0 - Genuine Sacla

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Easy Hook Clips

The Easy Hook clip has been designed as an attachment for Easy Rolls 2.0. making it even more simple for you to hang reflectors where you want them without any fuss. Genuine product made by Sacla - the people that make Easy Rolls 2.0.

How Easy Hooks Work:

The robust 'carabiner' style clip is made from quality materials designed to withstand the stresses of supporting a reflector safely and for extended periods of time. The handy hooks at the back of the clip simply slide onto the Easy Rolls cord and can be secured with a knot. The hook sits above the knot and the clip can be used to hang your reflector.

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1 x Easy Hook clip

How to Use Easy Hooks:

Simply tie a firm knot near the end of the Easy Rolls cord, leaving a thumbs length of cord below the knot to make sure that the knot can't slip out, then slide the hook onto the cord above the knot and pull down towards the knot making sure that wont slide loose. To fit the Easy Rolls simply hang them from appropriately spaced ceiling hooks or fittings and using the Easy Hooks clip the reflector hooks onto the Easy Rolls at both ends.

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