Dimlux CO2 Sensor Gas Protect

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  • Switches CO2 generating equipment based on PPM levels in the air
  • Capable of increasing yields by as much as 20%
  • Works with the Maxi Controller to maintain perfect PPM levels
  • Supplies power to your CO2 dosing equipment
  • Used in conjunction with your Maxi Controller
  • Monitors methane and carbon monoxide levels in the air
  • Switches CO2 generating equipment off if toxic gas levels become too great
  • Protects humans and plants from the effects of toxic gases
  • Programmed via the Maxi Controller
  • Allows you to leave your grow-room with greater peace-of-mind

Increase Yields and Monitor Toxic Gases at the Same Time!

The latest CO2 sensor from Dimlux works with the Maxi Controller to switch CO2 generating equipment on and off according to the exact CO2 concentrations in your grow-room. Unlike the original Dimlux CO2 sensor, it also has sensors for methane (CH4) and carbon monoxide (MH4) that will alert you with an alarm and shut down the distribution of CO2 if levels of the two gases become dangerous, a feature that's particularly useful for those running CO2 generators that rely on burning gas. This unit provides excellent peace of mind, allowing you to relax knowing that your grow-room is free from toxic gases; a situation that's safer for both you and your plants.

Want to increase the effect of additional Co2? Use Proactive Nano alongside this product, it maximises your plants uptake of Co2 and optimises its photosynthesis.


How the Gas Protect / CO2 Sensor Works

Supplementing with CO2 is one of the most effective ways of boosting yields and increasing the productivity of your indoor garden. If you're running a closed-loop system with an Opticlimate, CO2 supplementation is essential. The problem is, like most things in life, too much of it is a bad thing - high concentrations of CO2 can actually be damaging to plants. That's why the team at Dimlux came up with a way of regulating CO2 output according to the exact levels of CO2 in the air in parts per million (PPM). This new CO2 sensor takes things a step further, also detecting the levels of toxic gases (carbon monoxide and methane). This is particularly useful for those running CO2 generators that operate through the burning of propane or natural gas, which can potentially produce unwanted gases as a by-product. If levels start to build up, CO2 distribution will be shut down until it's reset by the user, providing an extra layer of safety, and, in turn, peace of mind for the grower.

Ideal for use with the following products:

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Autopilot Natural Gas CO2 Generator

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1 x CO2 Sensor unit, 1 x IEC to 2-pin Adaptor, 1 x 4.8m controller lead, 1 x 4.0m kettle lead

How to Use the Gas Protect / CO2 Sensor

The system is plug-and-play: just connect the supplied kettle lead from the 'power in' socket on the front left hand side of the unit to a wall socket. The 'power out' socket on the front right hand side of the unit connects to an adapter with a two pin plug. You can then plug the two-pin plug from your gas burner / CO2 generator into the adaptor. Power will be switched on whenever CO2 is required to maintain optimal levels. All you'll need to then is connect the unit to the Maxi Controller using the lead marked 'CO2 output'. You can then program your ideal CO2 level using the Maxi Controller.

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