600w Grow Light Kits with 400v DigiLight Ballast & Sunmaster Lamp

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  • DigiLight ballast - capable of driving both 240v and 400v lamps!
  • Incredible 600w 400v performance at a low price point
  • Runs at 400w, 500w, 600w and 660w settings
  • Features thermal protection and power surge protection
  • Your choice of quality reflector
  • Comes with the 400v 600w Sunmaster Lamp, which delivers a superior light spectrum to 240v lamps

400 Volt Kits with Your Choice of Reflector

The DigiLight Pro will drive almost any 600w lamp, whether it's 230v or 400v. It's fully adjustable, with 400w, 500w, 600w and 660w settings. These kits combine the excellent Sunmaster 400 volt lamp with an array of reflectors.

Choice of Reflector

From the ever popular Euro reflector offering solid performance at a low price to the incredible Adjust-A-Wings Avenger reflector, whatever your preference, we have you covered. All reflectors come with a top-quality 400V Sunmaster Lamp.

Euro Reflector
Ever popular, with a ceramic lamp holder and highly reflective dimpled wings, it offers outstanding value for money.

Supernova Reflector
A high quality, lightweight reflector with closed ends for for even better reflectivity, throwing light straight downwards.

Versatile Parabolic Reflector
Focuses light perfectly in one direction, giving you incredibly even light spread. It comes with a reversible top plate, and your lamp can be mounted both horizontally and vertically.

Adjust-A-Wings Enforcer
Medium-sized and highly reflective with four wing-positions, giving you incredible versatility. It delivers high-quality results compared to other reflectors.

Adjust-A-Wings Avenger
The Aveneger is known as one of the best reflectors on the market. This medium-sized version includes an easy-to-fit heat shield, glass-coated Miro aluminum wings for incredible reflectivity, and four adjustable wing positions.

6-Inch or 8-Inch Aerotube

Aerotube reflectors keep the excess heat levels in your grow space to a minimum by providing a direct way to remove hot air. All you need to do is connect up a separately available duct fan and ducting. This drastically reduces the risk of heat damage, which can be a problem when running intense, high intensity discharge lighting.

The Aerotube is air-tight, with a fully sealed glass tube for your lamp. The external two-part reflector is clipped on to the top of the Aerotube and is easy to assemble.

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How to Use the DigiLight Pro - Digital Dimmable 600w 400v Lighting Kit

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