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Complete Propagation Kits

Keep your favourite species of plants going with one of our propagation kits which contain everything you need to take cuttings and turn them into healthy rooted clones. There's lots of products to help improve your success rate. For example, Clonex and Canadian Xpress Clone Start help to make cloning plants a breeze! The Pukka Deluxe kit contains one the fantastic MaxiBright LightWave T5 fluorescent light units that are hard to beat!

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Our propagation kits offer savings compared to purchasing all the individual items separately.

Propagation Kits

Once in a while, a grower might come across a strain or individual plant with a lot of great characteristics. These might include hardiness, disease resistance, high yields and great taste and aroma. By taking cuttings and turning them into rooted clones, these special genetics can be kept going. The clones will be an exact copy of their mother and will retain all of its special qualities. A propagation kit can help with successfully take cuttings.

Growing from seed gives the grower the opportunity to try out different strains that take his fancy. Who knows? A new plant might be found that has great characteristics that the grower will want to propagate by taking cuttings.

Getting a Good Start

Any successful grow begins at an early stage with healthy cuttings or seedlings. In order to produce strong, rooted plants ready for the next stage, it is a good idea to arm yourself with the right equipment. Our propagation kits include at least most of the items that you will need.

To give your plants a good start in life here's some of those essentials you will need to get your cuttings or seedlings to root quickly.

  • A sterile scalpel to avoid introducing infections to the cutting
  • Rooting hormone gel to encourage fast rooting
  • Rooting plugs for the cuttings or seedlings to root into
  • A propagator with a lid to give your cuttings a protected environment where they won't dry out

Going Aeroponic

There is a method of rooting cuttings that does not involve using rooting plugs. It is called Aeroponics. You need an aeroponic propagator for this. Basically, the cutting is held in a small, circular neoprene collar which is suspended in the lid of a reservoir of water. The stem of the cutting is kept in the air space above the water level. The leave of the plant remain above the lid under a clear lid.

An airstone at the bottom of the reservoir, which is connected to an air pump, creates bubbles in the water. When the bubbles reach the surface of the water they burst, misting the stems of the cuttings with highly oxygenated water.

Many growers claim that this method improves the rooting success rate and reduces the time it takes for roots to appear.

A Quick Overview of how to take Cuttings

When taking cuttings, choose a side-shoot on the mother plant with thick stem. Always use a fresh sterile scalpel and make a clean cut well below the end 2-3 sets of leaves of the shoot. Immediately dip the cut end in rooting gel and place it in a moist rooting plug in the propagation tray. When you have taken all the cuttings you need, give them a mist with water and pop the lid on with the vents closed. Place the propagation light well above the lid to start off with.

Once or twice a day, lift the lid off to refresh the air and give the cuttings a mist with water.

After 3 days, the vents can be cracked open just a little. Increase the opening size a little each day until they are fully open at about the 10 day mark.

After 1-2 weeks, roots should be starting to show on the outside of the rooting plugs. They can then be placed into bigger blocks for the next stage.

Always keep the equipment scrupulously clean to give your cuttings the best success rate

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