CNL Pressure Compensated Dripper with Barb Outlet - 2 Litre per Hour

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  • 2 litre per hour flow rate
  • Self flushing - for improved resistance to clogging
  • Made of chemcial resistant plastics

CNL Pressure Compensated Dripper with Barbed Outlet - 2 Litre Flow Rate

These pressure drippers compensate for varying water pressure and reservoir elevations so you always know your giving your plants presice and uniform watering.


How the CNL Pressure Dripper Works

These pressure drippers use a ingenious design to compensate for water pressure fluctuations using its internal diaphragm. They don't clog easily and are quick and simple to install. The reason they dont clog is due to them allowing larger particles to pass through so water flow is always uneffcted. CNL or "compensated non-leak" drippers help increase overall dripper function.

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1x CNL Pressure Dripper

How to Use CNL Pressure Drippers

Firstly you will need to puncture a hole in your feed line using a 3mm Hole Punch then insert the CNL using the black arrow end first into your feedpipe. Attach your dripper pipe to the brown end of the CNL and then connect your arrow feeding stake in your medium. The CNL will compensate for lack or incresed water flow going to the arrow dripper.

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