ChemGen - Ryzo - Root Booster

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  • ChemGen - a UK company
  • Ryzo - a root growth stimulator second to none
  • Contains humates, seaweed extract and amino acids for fantastic root growth and health
  • Can be used directly in the root zone and as a foliar feed
  • Helps minimise environmental stress
  • Great for cuttings as well as during veg and flower
  • Can be used with any media or water type
  • Works particularly well when combined with oher ChemGen nutrients and additives

A Professional Quality Root Booster for Massive Root Growth and a Healthy Root Zone

ChemGen Ryzo is among the best root boosters available. Ryzo contains a whole host of ingredients like humates, seaweed extract and amino acids that invigorate the root growth process, allowing it to harness and maximise the natural biological activity in the root zone. This triggers rampant root growth, promoting a healthy rhizosphere. Bigger and better root systems create the potential for bigger and better yields: use Ryzo and you'll ensure that your roots aren't holding back your crops!

How ChemGen Ryzo Works:

Roots are the engine of a plant, uptaking water and nutrients for the rest of the plant to utilize and grow. The size and health of the root system is one of the factors that dictates the potential yield. ChemGen Ryzo stimulates awesome root growth while boosting the overall health of the rootzone, containing quality humates, seaweed extract and amino acids. These ingredients encourage increased biological activity in your media, enlisting the support of beneficial microbes to assist root growth, rhizosphere health and nutrient uptake.


Your choice of size of ChemGen Ryzo

How to Use ChemGen Ryzo:

ChemGen Ryzo can be used at any stage of a plant's life. For maximum effect it is best used right through, from the cutting stage to the end of flowering. It can be used with plants being grown in any medium, be it soil, coco or hydro.

For propagation use at 1ml/litre. For use as a root-feed, use at 2ml/litre.

To use as a foliar feed add 2ml per litre of solution in your spray bottle. Spray the tops and undersides of the plant leaves ensuring good coverage. Always use in low light conditions to avoid intense light hitting wet leaves which can cause leaf damage

ChemGen Ryzo NPK: 0.6-0.04-0.3.


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