ChemGen - PK Venom - PK 18-20 Flowering Booster

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  • ChemGen Nutrients - a UK company
  • PK Venom - a flowering PK booster with a difference
  • Contains quality phosphorous and potassium (P&K) for abundant flowering
  • Includes hormones and specialist ingredients, which have a startling effect on final yields
  • Use in conjunction with ChemGen's Bud Vessel for an even greater flowering effect
  • Can be used in any media or water type
  • Works great with other nutrients and additives in the ChemGen Nutrients range

Maximise the Bulk and Weight of Your Produce with ChemGen's PK Venom!

ChemGen's PK Venom is not just another PK booster. It contains the finest sources of the phosphorous and potassium that plants crave and need during peak flowering. What really sets PK Venom apart from the rest is the fact that ChemGen have included stimulating hormones and specialist ingredients to ensure that yields are as big as they possibly can be!

How ChemGen PK Venom Works:

Plants require extra phosphorous and potassium during the peak bloom phase in order to provide the building blocks for flowers, resins and terpenes. A high quality PK booster, when used correctly, will make a large difference to the final weight and quality of the harvest. ChemGen's PK Venom provides a generous amount of both of these elements (0-18-20) to ensure the plant does not run short of vital macronutrients.

In addition to that, PK Venom includes natural plant hormones and specialist ingredients to give your plants an extra gear to utilize during the most critical time. For even greater flowering benefits, ChemGen recommend using Bud Vessel for the first 2 weeks of flowering alongside PK Venom.


Your choice of size of ChemGen PK Venom

How to Use ChemGen PK Venom:

ChemGen PK Venom should be used right the way through flowering until the final flush. It can be used in any grow medium, be it soil, coco or hydro, and it can be used with hard or soft water.

Recommended dosages:

Weeks 1&2 - 0.25ml/litre

Week 3 - 0.5ml/litre

Weeks 4&5 - 0.75ml/litre

Weeks 6,7&8 - 1ml/litre

Week 9 - Flush

As with all nutrients and boosters never mix them together in their concentrated form i.e. straight out the bottle. Always shake the bottle well. Add each nutrient and booster in turn, giving the solution a good stir to mix it in before adding the next one.

ChemGen PK Venom NPK: 0-18-20


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