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ChemGen - Part A&B - Base Nutrient

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  • A UK company, building a fierce reputation among discerning growers
  • A high quality base nutrient, containing all micro and macro nutrients for healthy plant growth
  • Formulated to get the best out of any media or water type
  • No separate grow or bloom formulas - use Part A&B from start to finish
  • Works superbly on its own, but really excels when used with the full ChemGen range boosters

A Superbly Simple and Effective Universal Base Nutrient!

The ChemGen nutrient range centres around their superbly simple Part A&B base nutrient. ChemGen A&B contains all the essential macro and micro nutrients that plants need for strong, healthy growth. Chemgen A&B provides the perfect platform on which to build your nutrient solution with, making the most of the boosters in the range.

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How ChemGen Part A&B Works

All nutrient solution mixes should start of with a high quality base nutrient. As the name suggests, a good base nutrient provides the macronutrients (N,P and K), the secondary nutrients (Ca, Mg and S) and the micronutrients that plants need for vigorous, healthy growth. Of course, the quality of the ingredients in base nutrients can vary quite a lot from manufacturer to manufacturer.

Only the highest quality ingredients go into ChemGen's nutrient ranges to ensure that plant-growth and health are fully catered for and never compromised. ChemGen have designed and formulated their Part A&B base nutrient for use right the way through the plant's life-cycle, so there's no need for separate grow and bloom formulations, or hard and soft water variations. Also, because the nutrients in ChemGen Part A&B are so readily available, it can be used in soil, coco or hydro without any problems. The ChemGen range is fast building a great reputation among discerning growers, so try it and find out why so many people are switching over to the ChemGen nutrient range!


Your choice of size of ChemGen Part A+B

How to Use ChemGen Part A&B:

ChemGen Part A&B base nutrient is 'universal' and can be used for plants grown in just about any medium (soil, coco, hydro) and with any type of water (soft or hard). Part A&B is used right the way through your plants' life-cycle. Always use equal amounts of Part A and Part B. Using different amounts will result in an unbalanced feed that will lead to deficiencies.

For best results, follow the ChemGen nutrient schedule and use the full range of ChemGen boosters and additives.

We recommend using a syringe or beaker for accurate measurement of this product and a CF/EC/PPM meter such as the Bluelab Truncheon to check the TDS. Adjust as necessary. Adjust the pH of the solution to the required level using pH up or down as necessary. ChemGen suggest an optimum pH of between 5.8 and 6.5, depending on the media used.

When growing in soil it is recommended that you allow the soil to get a little dry in-between waterings (not bone-dry). Try to achieve 10-20% run-off each time to help flush out toxins which can naturally build up.

As with all nutrients, boosters and additives, never mix them together in their concentrated form (i.e. straight out of the bottle). Always add each nutrient, booster or additive to your reservoir or feed water in turn, giving the solution a good stir to mix it in before adding the next one.

Part A NPK: 4.3-0-0

Part B NPK: 0.3-4-3

Combined Parts A&B NPK: 4.6-4-3


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