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ChemGen - Chemzyme - Nutrient Booster

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  • ChemGen - A UK company
  • Chemzyme - A fantastic enzyme and plant health booster
  • Contains a rich blend of enzymes, amino acids, vitamins, polysaccharides and algal extracts
  • Enhances nutrient availability and uptake
  • Breaks down dead roots into additional food for your plants
  • Creates a healthier root zone and stimulates new root growth
  • Helps to keep root diseases at bay
  • Works brilliantly with ChemGen nutrients and boosters

Enhance Nutrient Availability and Break Down Dead Roots with One Bottle!

ChemGen Chemzyme contains a wealth of enzymes, amino acids and vitamins. Together they enhance nutrient availability for faster uptake by the plant. Along with quicker nutrient uptake, Chemzyme also breaks down old, dead roots and unlocks the additional nutrient within them. Old roots can become a breeding ground for pathogenic microbes which cause root-disease. By breaking down the old roots, Chemzym helps to keep the root-zone disease free and super healthy.

How ChemGen Chemzyme Works:

ChemGen Chemzyme has been developed to create a cleaner and healthier rootzone. It contains an array of enzymes which break down old, dead roots and turns them into additional nutrients to help power fresh, new root growth. Dead roots can provide a great home for nasty microbes that can cause root disease, so by breaking dead roots down and clearing them away, Chemzyme creates a much healthier rootzone, greatly reducing the chances of encountering root-rot, which can ruin a thriving crop within days. In addition to enzymes, Chemzyme also contains vitamins, amino acids, polysaccharides and algal extract to further enhance plant health.


Your choice of size of ChemGen Chemzyme

How to Use ChemGen Chemzyme:

ChemGen Chemzyme should be used right the way through a plant's life from veg, right through to the end of flowering/fruiting. It can be used in any grow media (soil, coco, hydro) and with hard or soft water.

Use at a rate of 2ml/litre in your root feed. As with all nutrients and boosters, always add them one at a time giving the solution a good stir before adding the next one. Remember, never mix nutrients or boosters together in their concentrated form - i.e. straight out of the bottle.

ChemGen Chemzym NPK: 1.05-0.8-2.1


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