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ChemGen - Bud Vessel - Early Flowering Booster

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  • ChemGen - a UK company
  • Bud Vessel - speeds up the initiation of flowering/fruiting
  • Formulated from premium forms of phosphorous and potassium (P & K)
  • Increases the flowering response leading to bigger yields
  • Reduces the length of the flowering period
  • Can help reduce stretch
  • Used for the first 2 weeks of flowering/fruiting
  • Works great with the rest of the ChemGen Nutrient

Trigger Your Plants into Flowering Sooner with ChemGen Bud Vessel!

For many types of plant, the flowering/fruiting stage is triggered by the light period being reduced to 12 hours on and 12 hours off. It generally takes a couple of weeks of this new lighting regime for the flowering cycle to properly begin and for plants to begin making flowers. ChemGen Bud Vessel contains special forms of phosphorous and potassium which accelerate the changeover process. Plants begin producing flower buds sooner and more prolifically, while stretch can also be reduced. ChemGen Bud Vessel can also shorten the flowering period, shaving a few days off the time it takes to reach harvest.

How ChemGen Bud Vessel works:

When your plants have been vegged to the appropriate size and the light-cycle is changed to 12/12 to initiate flowering/fruiting it usually takes a couple of weeks for the plant to begin producing flowers. During this transition, the plants can stretch vertically by quite a margin. This can mean that they can become tall and get too close to the grow light. Also, the distance between the nodes increases, which can have a marked affect on the final yield.

ChemGen Bud Vessel contains a blend of two, highly soluble forms of phosphorous and potassium (P and K) which is added to the feed water for 2 weeks after the change over period. This special mixture kicks the plant into action, producing the first flower sets sooner, while further increasing their numbers. Also, because the transition period is reduced, so is the stretch and the distance between the internodes. This helps keep the plants more squat, dense and manageable, making them more productive. Because flowering begins sooner, the plants will reach harvest-time sooner as well, reducing the length of the flowering phase. Also, the increase in flowering sites means that your final harvest will be bigger as well!


Your choice of size of ChemGen Bud Vessel

How to Use ChemGen Bud Vessel:

ChemGen Bud Vessel is used for the first 2 weeks after the change in photoperiod. It can be used in any grow medium including soil, coco and hydro.

Use one 40 gram sachet for 100 litres of nutrient solution. This is equivalent to 0.4 grams per litre should you wish to make up less. Stir the solution well to dissolve the powder and as with all nutrients and boosters, never mix them together in their concentrated form. i.e. straight out of the bottles or sachets. Always add each one to your nutrient solution in turn, giving it a good stir to mix it in before adding the next one.

ChemGen Bud Vessel NPK: 0.7-42-28


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