Charles Austen Air Pump Kit with Flat Air Stones

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  • Charles Austen - designed and manufactured in the UK
  • Built to an extremely high spec
  • Very quite running, especially for the volume of air that's moved
  • Oxygenates roots and nutrient reservoirs, promoting rapid growth
  • Helps to prevent root disease and the development of pathogens

Professional-Grade, British Engineered Air Pump Kits for Connoisseurs and Commercial Growers

This kit contains everything needed to aerate your hydroponic system, ensuring that your plants' roots are getting plenty of oxygen. Charles Austen air pumps are designed and manufactured in Great Britain; they are renouned for their incredible build-quality, and they are almost silent running. These things are also practically bulletproof, so if you're putting together a pro set-up, Charles Austen pumps are a real no-brainer. They are the perfect match for your DWC or R-DWC system.


How the Charles Austen Air Pump Kit Works

Charles Austen pumps are pieces of precision-engineered equipment, ideal for oxygenating nutrient reservoirs. These air pumps are typically used in deep water culture systems and WaterFarms / AquaFarms – though every nutrient tank can benefit from oxygenation.

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  • 6 air stone: 1 x Charles Austen ET30, 6 x 4" air stone, 8m of PVC airline tubing, 6 x check valve, 1 x 6-way manifold
  • 8 air stone: 1 x Charles Austen ET30, 8 x 4" air stone, 10m of PVC airline tubing, 8 x check valves, 1 x 8-way manifold
  • 12 air stone: 1 x Charles Austen ET40, 12 x 4" air stone, 15m of PVC airline tubing, 12 x check valves, 1 x 12-way manifold
  • 16 air stone: 1 x Charles Austen ET60, 16 x 4" air stone, 20m of PVC airline tubing, 16 x check valves, 1 x 18-way manifold
  • 18 air stone: 1 x Charles Austen ET60, 18 x 4" air stone, 20m of PVC airline tubing, 18 x check valves, 1 x 18-way manifold
  • 24 air stone: 1 x Charles Austen ET60, 24 x 4" air stone, 30m of PVC airline tubing, 24 x check valves, 1 x 26-way manifold
  • 36 air stone: 2 x Charles Austen ET60, 36 x 4" air stone, 40m of PVC airline tubing, 36 x check valves, 2 x 18-way manifolds

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Using the Charles Austen Air Pump Kit

Connect the L-shaped piece of rubber tubing to the air outlet point. Fit the manifold into the rubber tubing and secure it in place using the two provided clips. Connect lengths of air line tubing to each manifold outlet and insert the barbs of your air stone into the other end of each length of air line.

Insert your check valves into each air line by making a cut in the pipe. The black end should be joined to the air line tubing coming from the air pump and the clear end should be fitted to the air line that moves on out towards the air stone. This will prevent back any water siphoning back towards the pump, should the unit be accidentally switched off, or in the event of a power failure. Even so, it's still best practice to position your air pump in a raised area, using a stand or shelf, etc., so that it sits above the waterline of the pump’s destination reservoirs or system.

Never immerse the pump in water!

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