Chain Plate with Staple

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  • Strong steel ceiling plate with staple
  • Great for hanging Easy Rolls, Rope-Ratchet Hangers or Jack Chain
  • Will hold 10KG when fitted with appropriate fixings
  • Ideal for hanging reflectors, filters etc.

Heavy-Duty Equipment Hanging Fitting

A ceiling-plate with a staple. Perfect for hanging your equipment securely.


How this Product Works

This chain plate is a fitting which can be attached to a ceiling, or just about any suitable flat surface in order to provide a hanging or fixing point for reflectors or filters. The plate itself will easily withstand a load of 10Kg but it must be used with suitable fixings (appropriate plugs and screws) into the retaining surface before it is used to suspend large weights.


1 x Chain Plate with Staple

Using the Chain Plate

Fit the plate to any surface ensuring that the fixings that you use are appropriate to withstand the weight of the item you wish to suspend.

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