CarboAir 135kg Heavy Duty Rope Ratchet Hangers

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  • Designed to handle up to 135kg (297lb)
  • Great for larger fan and filer combinations
  • Features large, super-strong hooks to secure things in place
  • Comes in an eye-catching blue colour that offsets the rest of your growroom nicely!
  • Utilises 170cm, high-tensile rope to support the weight
  • Extremely high quality
  • Items can be raised by simply pulling on the cord
  • Items can be lowered again by flicking the ratchet lever catch

Seriously Heavy-Duty Hangers!

These heavy-duty ratchets can handle up to 135kg of equipment! They're perfect for hanging up larger-sized fan and filter combinations with complete peace of mind.

How Rope Ratchet Hangers Work

The Rope Ratchet Hanger is a strong 170m long rope with a spring hook (carabiner) at one end and a ratchet block with an attached hook which is located along the cord's length. The ratchet block allows the cord to be pulled through it in one direction but will grip and lock the cord in place when it is pulled in the other direction. Flicking up the ratchet release lever allows the cord to go through it in either direction. The spring hooks (carabiners) make it easy to securely clip the end of the cord or the ratchet block to ceiling or tent fixtures or to items of equipment for suspension.

Rope Ratchet hangers come as a pair for securely hanging almost anything such as a carbon filter or reflector. When used as a pair, the combined weight that they can suspend is anything up to 135kg, or one can be used to carry up to 67.5kg. The ratchet hangers are very reliable items of equipment that are very tough and never slip. Highly recommended!

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1 x pair of Heavy-Duty 135kg CarboAir Rope Ratchet Hangers

How to Use Rope Ratchet Hangers

One end of the rope ratchet hanger can be attached to an appropriate ceiling hook or tent frame while the other can be attached to the item to be suspended. Once an item has been suspended in this way, pulling on the spare cord end will pull the cord through the ratchet block, shortening the cord on the weight-carrying side and so raising the height of the item. The ratchet block then holds the item at that height securely. The ratchet is released by flicking up the ratchet release lever on the ratchet block. This allows the spare cord to run back through the ratchet block, lowering the item again.

When using rope ratchet hangers, it is important to remember that the ceiling fixtures or tent frame must also be able to hold the weight that you are going to suspend from them. In order to handle the full 135kg weight capacity of the rope ratchet hangers, your fixtures will need to be very strong and secure and capable of carrying the weight also. When using ratchet hangers it is important that the rope does not get damaged by rubbing against anything abrasive or sharp or by being pinched between anything as this will reduce the weight carrying capacity and lifespan.

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