Canna Aqua Clay Pebbles

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  • High porosity and high air content
  • Tested to ensure a neutral pH
  • Completely fungus free
  • Low soluble salt content
  • Environmentally friendly

High-Quality Clay Pebbles that Produce Great Results with Canna Nutrients

This 20 or 45 litre bag of clay pebbles comes from the makers of one of the most popular nutrient lines out there. Ideal for use in most hydroponic systems - IWS, Wilma, Aquafarm, etc., and also great for improving drainage and aeration in more traditional mediums like soil and coco.

For even better results, why not take a look at HydroCorn clay pebbles? The price difference is negligible, but HydroCorn's unique 'popcorn' shape gives it a greater surface area, while creating more air gaps to oxygenate roots. This delivers faster growth rates and stronger plants, making it well worth the trade-up!


How Clay Pebbles Work

Used in an array of hydroponic systems, clay pebbles have a rough porous texture and are capable of holding onto quite a lot of water. At the same time, because of the air gaps in the substrate, drainage is almost free flowing, which is why it's such a popular choice for recirculating systems, helping to reduce issues caused by water logging. These gaps also help to oxygenate the rootzone, which in turn generates huge gains in terms of plant growth and development.

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1 x 45 litre bag of clay pebbles

How to Use Clay Pebbles

What you do with these Clay Pebbles will depend on the system you intend to use them with. Just make sure that you wash them first to remove any traces of clay dust, which, if left untreated, may cause blockages in dripper lines, etc..


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