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Since the launch of the Lumatek LED grow light in 2020, the UK has seen a dramatic shift to LED lighting technology. Featuring the latest breakthroughs in LED grow light quality, the fixture performance and light distribution have really enabled the Lumatek led range to push what's possible with LED grow light with very high photon efficacy, full external control capabilities with the Lumatek control panel add-on, giving you the perfect led fixture to maximise performance and bring in significant return on your investment.

Why is Lumatek a fan favourite LED grow light?

Light quantity

Lumateks light quality is unrivalled due to the top bin, LUMIled diodes used for the perfect full spectrum output.

Very high efficacy

Lumatek LEDs provide you with high levels of light for a small amount of power, keeping your energy bills down in the process.

External control technology

The Lumatek LED range provides you with even more control over your setup due to the Lumatek Digital Panel 2.0 controller for sunrise/sunset mode, full daisy chain capabilities and complete control over the power of your lighting schedule.

Lumatek ATS Pro LED grow lights

These small, yet powerful fixtures come in at either 200w or 300w, and are the perfect led fixture for smaller setups and propagation tents. They are fully compatible with the Lumatek digital panel for more control, as-well as featuring the same high-quality drivers and LEDs that the bigger models have.

Output - 2.7 umols/J

PPF - 816umols

Lumatek Zeus Pro 465w & Lumatek Zeus Pro 600w LED grow lights

If you're growing in a 1.0m x 1.0m OR 1.2m x 1.2m area, you need a light source which will bring you very high levels of efficiency and yield. The two lights mentioned above provide the perfect full spectrum lighting with 2.9 µmol j of power.

High µmol j lights provide single source lighting which brings fantastic fixture performance throughout the entire grow cycle. The Zeus Pro 2.9 µmol j fixture is the best selling in the grow lighting industry, providing gardens with the best led grow lights for massive yield.

The LED bars leave the perfect footprint for even canopy growth, making sure you're not losing efficiency through lost light, bringing you significant return on your initial investment.

The LUMIled diodes also give you the highest quality, top bin LEDs to fuel your full spectrum of light for high intensity. The Lumatek 465w / 600w zeus led grow lights also give full usability with the Lumatek control panel; add the connecting cables and you're good to go, giving you many benefits such as sunrise / sunset mode and full dimmability.

Lumatek Zeus Pro 2.9 µmol j 1000W & Xtreme Pro 2.9 Grow Lights

If you're growing big, these are the lights you need. They provide everything that the 600W Zeus Pro 2.9 LED gives you, with a bigger footprint.

The Xtreme edition is that powerful that it requires CO2 to maximise your uptake to maximise the potential when using the LEDs.