Botanicare Silica Blast

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  • Botanicare - one of the USA's favourite nutrient ranges
  • Toughens plants up at a cellular level, increasing overall strength and vigour
  • Helps plants to support the weight of oversized fruits
  • Produces excellent results in any grow system or substrate
  • Increases chlorophyll production, speeding up rates of photosynthesis
  • Concentrated formula – a little goes a long way???
  • Increases plants’ resistance to pests and diseases
  • Can be administered via the roots or as a foliar
  • Assist with nutrient uptake

Toughens Cell Walls for Fatter Stems and Stronger Branches

Silicon enhances plant tissues by strengthening cell walls. Add it to your solution and you can expect to see an increase in overall vigour, with greener leaves, thicker stems, and branches that can support more weight. Silica Blast also increases plants' resistance to external stressors, so it will help your plants to fight off pests and diseases.

How Silica Blast Works

Silicon improves the health of each and every cell within the plant by toughening up their outer walls. By improving the robustness of each individual plant cell, you improve the structural integrity of the entire plant. Within a week, the effects are obvious, with greener leaves, thicker stems and stronger branches that require less support.

Silica Blast also triggers big increases in chlorophyll production. Chlorophyll is the green pigment that's vital to the process of photosynthesis, where light energy is utilised to create vital plant sugars using CO2 from the surrounding atmosphere. The more efficient the chlorophyll production, the more effectively plants can photosynthesise. This means that every single watt of energy from your grow lamp (or from the sun if you're outside) can be utilised to the fullest, making your garden as productive as possible.

By improving overall strength levels, plants become more resistant to outside stressors. This makes Silica Blast a useful tool against pests and diseases. Powdery mildew and botrytis are two conditions that can destroy entire crops, but both can be helped (or even prevented altogether) by adding silicon.

Material Safety Data Sheet for Silica Blast

1 bottle of Botanicare Silica Blast (choose your size above)

How to Use Silica Blast

Silica Blast can be used right the way through the plant's life cycle. Begin using it once your cuttings start showing roots and finish using it just before the final flush. Add Silica Blast before adding other additives and base nutrients. Use it a rate of 0.5ml - 1.5ml per litre of solution. For foliar feeding sticking to using 0.5ml per litre of water.

Like all potassium silicate based products, Silica Blast will raise pH levels. This can be a useful tool when administering nutrients, and makes much more sense than using a pH up. Always pay attention to pH levels when adding silicon products: if you allow levels to get too high, it may cause certain nutrients to get locked out, which can lead to deficiencies. Try and ensure that pH levels don't go above 7.5 at any stage.

As with all nutrients, boosters and additives, never mix them together in their concentrated form (i.e. straight out of the bottle). Always add each nutrient, booster or additive to your reservoir or feed water in turn, giving the solution a good stir to mix it in before adding the next one.


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