Bloom - OOZE - Super Concentrate

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  • Advanced Floriculture - professional grade plant nutrition used by the agricultural industry
  • Contains triacontanol, a naturally occurring phytohormone found in alfalfa – basically steroids for plants!
  • Boosts terpene production for pungent aromas and more intense flavours
  • Dramatically increases the production of essential oils
  • Contains a good source of natural sugars
  • Delivers the goods in any growing medium
  • Brings out the best aromas in different plant strains
  • Works to stimulate plant metabolism
  • Used at 2.5ml per litre, from the 5th week to harvest
  • No need to reduce your base nutrient
  • Comes in four sizes: 300ml, 1, 2.5 and 15 litre

Contains Triacontanol - a Naturally Sourced Growth Stimulator

OOZE has inspired numerous other nutrient companies to produce similar competing products. There's a very good reason for that… this stuff is truly explosive! It's been one of the boosters to beat for years, improving plant health, stimulating essential oil production, accentuating aromas and increasing final weights, thanks to it's pioneering use of triacontanol - an extremely powerful, yet naturally sourced, growth stimulator. Read more about it in our Triacontanol Blog Here.

How OOZE Works:

The key ingredient in OOZE is something called triacontanol, a phytohormone derived from alfalfa. The best way to describe the dramatic effect that triacontanol has on plants is to compare it to the effect that steroids have in humans. Expect to see growth, RAPID growth! It will speed up your plant's metabolism, meaning that the plant will also use up more nutrients, so you may well have to up your feeding to get the best out of it. As a result, you can expect to see a noticeable increase in the production of essential oils. This in turn improves the quality of the end product, with more pungent aromas and heightened, sweeter flavours. Triacontanol is the secret weapon of professional horticulturalists and the agricultural industry. When you try it, you'll understand why!


Your choice of size of Advanced Floriculture Bloom OOZE Super Concentrate

Other benefits of triacontanol:

Increases a plant's ability to retain moisture – great in poor environments

Supports enzyme and hormonal activities

Intensifies the rate of photosynthesis

Enhances the synthesis of proteins

Shortens the duration of the flowering cycle, for a quicker turnaround

If this wasn't enough, OOZE provides a good source of natural phosphorus and potassium, extracted from plants and ancient sea beds, along with minerals, fulvic acid and b vitamins!

Using OOZE

The Advanced Floriculture range can be used in any growing medium: soil, coco or hydro. Use OOZE from the fifth week of flower right through the final flush. OOZE is generally used at a rate of 2.5ml per litre of nutrient solution. Application rates vary depending on the grow system and growing method. Feed charts can be found in pdf format under the attachments tab.

Where this product fits in with Advanced Floriculture's main boosters:

PRE - weeks 2 and 3 of a 4 week grow stage

ORGANIC SWEET - from week 2 of the grow stage, finishing before the final flush

ULTRA - weeks 1 to 2 of the flowering stages

PHAT - weeks 2 to 4 of the flowering stages

PK - week 5 of flower

OOZE - from week 5 of flower, up to and including the final flush

FINAL - used during the last two weeks, up to and including the flush

Because Bloom products are mostly formulated form organic sources, there can often be variation in colour and consistency. This is nothing to worry about and you can rest-assured that every batch is checked by the Advanced Floriculture quality control team.


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