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Push Plant Growth to New Levels with a Pro-Leaf CO2 Controller

Hydroponics Systems vs Pot-Culture

 Choosing whether to go down the route of hydroponics or go with pot-culture is an important decision to make and is one that needs to be made before any spending takes place. Pot culture involves growing plants in normal plant-pots and involves manual hand-watering. This type of growing lends itself better to water-retentive mediums such ...

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LED Grow Lamps – A Breakthrough or a Gimmick? Part 2

Part 2: Why Do Plants Actually Need Light? By understanding why plants need light in order to grow, you will become more able to make decisions as to which lighting products best suits your needs. So, plants use light in a process called photosynthesis, which is just a long word to describe the process a ...

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Hydroponics as a Hobby

Hydroponics is a term used to describe growing plants which are rooted in an artificial medium as opposed to soil. Over the past few decades, gardeners at both commercial and amateur levels have become interested in using this method to grow their plants, which is also sometimes known as nutriculture, soilless culture and water culture ...

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LED Lamps – A Breakthrough or Gimmick? Part 1

LED Lamps – A Breakthrough or Gimmick? Part 1 This is a series of posts relating to the topic of LED lamps in hydroponics. Whilst the word “light” is used frequently throughout our industry, by looking into it in much more detail we find that by understanding a little bit of the science we can help ...

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