1. How to Grow Indoors Using LEDS

    How to Grow Indoors Using LEDS

    The latest generation of LED grow lights have now surpassed HPS lighting in terms of what can be achieved per

  2. Negative Air Pressure in your Grow Space

    Keep Odours from Getting Out

    Grow lights produce heat, and plants use up the carbon dioxide (CO2) in the air.

    For that reason, the air inside a grow tent or grow room should be changed out via an extraction system. Doing so draws in fresh, cooler air with normal levels of CO2, from the outside. To assist with the replacement of the air, some growers also use an intake fan.

    It is very important that there is always negative air pressure in a grow tent or grow space. This is where the air pressure inside is lower than the air pressure outside.

  3. Summer and Pest Problems

    How to Deal with Pests During the Summer

    Unfortunately, pest problems can occur all-year round.

    However, if you begin growing indoors during the winter months, when insects outside are relatively inactive, then you most likely won’t get any problems until the weather warms up.

    However, once pests have got into a grow room, they can survive and remain active all year round because of the warm conditions in there.

    In this blog we will take a look at the 4 most common pests in summer.

    Remember, prevention is always better cure and it is best to stop them from getting into your grow room in the first place.

  4. Introducing... The Mills Nutrient Range!

    Mills Pays The Bills!

    We at One Stop, are always keen to bring you the best new, innovative, and revolutionary products and nutrients.

    So we're proud to announce our new range of Mills nutrients!

    "Mills Pays The Bills" is their slogan, but what exactly is so special about their nutrient? 

    What is Mills?

    Mills was started about 7 years ago in Holland. All Mills Hydroponics Nutrients products are made in Holland. Mills is an easy to use two-part base and also containing

  5. How to Train Your Plants for Increased Yield

    How to Train Your Plants for Increased Yield

    Tomatoes growing outdoorsTomatoes growing outdoors

    There are all sorts of products out there that can help to increase your crop size, but one of the biggest yield increases isn't a liquid or powder, it's shaping your plants to make the most of the

  6. Introducing the Amazing SANlight Q6W

    Introducing the Amazing SANlight Q6W

    Yet again, LED Grow Lights take another leap forward!

    One of the general facts of life is that technology is always advancing. And this is still true of LED grow lights which continue to improve, thanks to the continuous advances made by LED manufacturers such as Osram, Samsung and Cree. When these advances are diligently used in the design of a grow light, they bring us more light for every watt that they consume, which means bigger yields, less heat, and lower running costs for the end-user.

    The SANlight Q6W brings us pretty much the highest level of efficiency that is currently possible from an LED grow light. The efficiency of a grow light at turning electrical power into PAR light is measured in µmols/Joule. Please see the last section of this article for an explanation if you are interested in the science. It goes more into depth about what µmols/Joule means, and what one actually

  7. How to Manage the Humidity in Your Grow Room

    How to Manage the Humidity in Your Grow Room

    Getting your environment correct is the key to successful growing, and humidity is easily one of the biggest factors. Perfect it and you'll see a huge impact on overall plant health. In this blog, we explain why humidity plays such a big role, and showcase the equipment that you need to get it spot-on.

    When water and nutrients are absorbed through the rootzone, they are transported upwards via xylem cells and distributed to the areas that they are needed. Ultimately, though, 97% of the liquid that's taken onboard is lost through stomata – the tiny pores found on leaf surfaces that facilitate the exchange of gasses for the process of photosynthesis. Plants live in a perpetual cycle of acquiring and losing liquids, and for this reason, it is essential that the correct balance is maintained at all times. To complicate things further, this balance isn't just a product of activity within the plant, but it is also dictated by the conditions within the room (or outside area).

  8. HPS vs LED Grow Lights

    HPS vs LED Grow Lights

    Looking back in time

  9. How to Choose Your Grow System

    How to Choose Your Grow System

    There are a few different systems that you can grow your plants in. For a beginner, we highly recommend that you learn the basics of growing plants indoors by starting off with some saucers, and pots filled with soil or Coco Coir. Once you have mastered the basics of growing a plant and built up your confidence, you can progress onto a different type of grow-system. We'll take a look at the different types of system available for your future reference.

  10. Keeping Your Grow Room Temperatures Down Over Summer

    Make Sure your Grow Over Summer is a Success

    It is that time of year again, and outdoor temperatures are starting to rise. The sunny weather is something we all look forward to, but unfortunately, it’s not always so great for your indoor garden… Once grow room temperatures start to creep past optimal levels of around 25-28 degrees Celsius, leaf stomata start to close up, photosynthesises rates begin to drop and growth slows down. This naturally has a negative impact on yields, causing many growers to shut up shop altogether during the difficult summer months.

    But you really don't have to do that! We stock an array of products that will keep you growing

  11. An Interview with Mark Benson of Plant Magic

    An Interview with Mark Benson of Plant Magic

    Plant Magic has been a One Stop staple for years now!

  12. Optilux Grow Lights - Amazing Value for Money

    Want to Start Growing on a Budget? You won't go wrong with Optilux!

    We love it when we come across a new range of products that deliver performance that belies their price-points.

    Recently, we came across the Optilux range of light products. The range includes a 1000w DE fixture, a 1000w DE HPS lamp, a 600w 230V HPS lamp, a 600w 230V ballast, and pair of 315w CDM lamps in either 3K or 4K.