The Tomato Growers Savings Club

  • Published on November 21st, 2013
  • Categories: GeneralHumour

Christmas is an expensive time for all of us and a helping hand towards the end of the year is not something many of us would turn away.

Forget catalogues and Love2Shop vouchers, the Tomato Growers Savings Club is a great way to turn your back on January austerity.

As part of the Tomato Growers Savings Club, you’ll become a member of an elite group of tomato growers.

“I grow tomatoes all year round and pay for Christmas and holidays with the money I earn. I have regular tomato customers and they enjoy the fruit of my labour.”

Betty, Stow-on-the-Wold

There are no membership fees, no late payment penalties and you can grow tomatoes to your heart’s content simply by purchasing the equipment to do so and setting aside a little space in your home or garden.

Your tomato grow throughout the year can be sold to friends, family and neighbours who enjoy relaxing with a ripe, juicy fruit on an evening. There’s certainly a lot of money to be made that will ensure next Christmas is one to remember.

To begin with, why not start small and try your hand at producing a grow. Once you’ve got your hands dirty and got involved, we’re sure you’ll enjoy it.

Many Tomato growers enjoy the freedom of earning an extra income alongside their daytime jobs and many decide to pursue it as a full time endeavour. This of course depends on how well you can retain clients for future purchases and of course this depends on the quality and value of your tomatoes.

Let us know at the One Stop Grow Shop if you want to be prepared for Christmas 2014 and begin your grow in time!