7 Simple Fixes for High Grow Room Temps

Are you ready for Summer??

Summer can be the most difficult time to grow indoors. While the temperatures outside are soaring, our indoor grow lamps increase the temperature still further! Very few types of plants enjoy very high temperatures (over 28C / 82F), and most prefer temperatures around 24C (75F), yet it can be really difficult to keep an indoor grow space below this.

Fortunately, there are products on the market now which are distinctly aimed at helping the indoor grow to keep on growing through the heat.

Vitalink Chill

The first product up is Vitalink Chill. This ingenious product contains something called “Betaines”. Betaines are a group of plant compounds which relieve stress. When an optimum amount is given to a plant, the plant is made more capable of dealing with stress. The Betaines in Vitalink Chill are particularly good at relieving stress due to heat. In fact, using this product can help plants to continue to thrive in temperatures up to 30C (86F) or even above! Just one thing, though – it is as bad to feed too much betaine as it is to feed none at all. Stick tightly to the recommended 0.3ml-0.5ml per litre and your plants will breeze through the Summer and the higher temperatures.

Silver Bullet

The temperature of your nutrient reservoir has a massive impact on the success of your grow. 18 degrees Celsius is ideal, but once nutrient temps start to creep into the low twenties, things can get messy: oxygen levels drop and your tank can become a breeding ground for pathogens. If root diseases, like pythium, manage to take hold of your root system, it’s easy for entire crops to get destroyed almost overnight. Anyone who’s ever experienced it will tell you that it’s a problem you absolutely do not want to be facing! Luckily, there’s help at hand – Silver Bullet kills 99.99% of bacteria and fungi. It’s non-toxic and non-corrosive, so it wont damage your plants or leave harmful residues, but it will help to oxygenate the rootzone during the most difficult months of the year. An absolute must-have for anyone growing in hydro systems during the summer – especially those in deep water culture systems.

Find Silver Bullet here.

Growroom Chillers

Chiller units are designed to keep nutrients at optimal temperatures, no matter what the time of year. They’re easy to set up and highly effective. They come with an inlet and an outlet that need to be connected up using flexi pipe. Both lengths of pipe then sit in your tank, and nutrient is pumped from the reservoir, through the chiller and back out, allowing you to keep your temps bang-on at all times. With access to cool water, root-zones stay oxygenated and  rapid growth rates are maintained all year round.

The Opticlimate

When growing plants, the environmental temperature and humidity are absolutely the key to success. In fact, getting the environmental conditions right is way more important than the brand of nutrient you use, or just about anything else! Opticlimate units are designed for sealed rooms. They contain a heater, an air conditioner and a dehumidifier all-in-one. They maintain the perfect environment, producing exactly the right vapour pressure deficit so that your plants are always growing optimally.

Opticlimate full environmental control systems are very serious pieces of kit, and they need to be installed by someone who know what they are doing with plumbing and electrical work. However, once installed, they take all the worry about temperature and humidity in your grow space. Summer is completely taken care of with an Opticlimate!

 Extraction System

All grows should utilise an extraction system (except those with an Opticlimate). Extraction systems remove smelly, stale, hot, CO2 depleted air allowing fresh, cool CO2 rich air to come in and replace it.

If you grow with an HPS light but you don’t have an Opticlimate or an extraction system, then you are probably in for a lot of headaches with your grow over the summer. At One Stop Grow Shop we still have the ever-popular RVK extraction fans, but if you fancy getting something  which is a cut above the rest then really must take a look at the fantastic new range of Revolution fans from Systemair.

The new Revolution fans have a truly advanced impeller design which maintains high air flow even through a carbon filter. They operate quietly and efficiently and are as reliable as the uber-dependable RVK range.

Also just in are the Systemair CarboAir carbon filters. We’ve always said that a quality carbon filter is essential for a growers peace-of-mind. To that end we have proudly stocked only the best filters on the market made by Rhino. Now we have a superb alternative. CarboAir filters use top-notch carbon and give less air-flow resistance than most filters out there. For many of the sizes there is also a choice of bed-depths (the thickness of the carbon filter bed which the air flows through) – 50mm, 60mm and an awesome 100mm!

You can find a range of complete kits, which include CarboAir Filters and Revolution fans here.

Up-rate your fan and get a fan speed controller!

Maintaining the perfect temperature and humidity throughout your grow space in the Summer months in the key to getting a successful crop. The Envrio Controller takes care of fan speeds for both AC and EC fans – and not only that, it can also regulate ‘on’ and ‘off’ times for practically any piece of equipment in your grow room! Lights (up to 1200w), heaters, humidifiers, and even pumps, can be controlled using data gathered from the environment. This simplifies your set-up, making it easy to maintain a perfect environment from a single point.

Add CO2 to your Grow Space

Plants that are being fed extra carbon dioxide can handle higher temperatures. In fact if you are adding CO2 to your grow space then higher temperatures are pretty much a requirement in order that the plants can use all the extra.

The added benefit of carbon dioxide supplementation is that you will likely get larger yields than ever before – by as much as an extra 20%! Even just adding a Exhale CO2 Grow Bag can make a difference!

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