The Best Nutrients for Beginners

The amount of different brands of nutrients out there can be a bit bewildering for a beginner. How to decide which brand to go for is a difficult decision to make. They all claim to be the best and sing their own praises.

There are a few brands that we would rule out for beginners simply because the range consists of a lot of different bottles. An example of this would be Advanced Nutrients. While they make superb nutrients and their pH Perfect technology means you don’t have to worry too much about the pH of the nutrient solution there are so many bottles that beginners may get fed up stirring and mixing them all up and it’s all too easy to make a mistake.

At our one stop grow shop showrooms we help lots of beginners with making sure they get everything they need for a successful grow. When we are asked which nutrient to get, we tend to stick one of 3 brands. This is because they are excellent quality but with a limited amount of bottles they are all really simple to use.

Shogun Fertilisers

Shogun Fertilisers (or Shogun Nutrients as they are often called) are a great nutrient range.

Katana Roots is an excellent root booster and will create a huge root mass. Roots are often called the engine of a plant so a big, healthy root system is essential for a successful grow.

Shogun Start is a nutrient designed for cuttings and young plants. It works very well together with Katana Roots.

Samurai Nutrients Shogun make a tailored nutrient for soil, hydro or coco. Some are available in hard water and soft water versions. Available in Grow and Bloom variations.

Sumo Boost Available in 2 versions – standard or active (for active hydroponics). Sumo boost is a legendary booster. Containing triacontanol, betaines and a whole bunch of other goodies, Sumo boost can surprise with what it can do for your plants. Faster growth and bigger yields are almost guaranteed.

PK Warrior 9/18 From the middle of flowering (around week 4) plants require a bit more P and K than the Samurai Bloom provides. PK Warrior 9/18 provides the additional nutrients for maximum yields.

Dragon Force Some growers like to change using PK Warrior 9/18 for the last 2 weeks of flowering to using Dragon Force which has a different formulation (0-9.5-6.9) and includes magnesium and sulphur to increase oil production.

Shogun Silicon We always recommend using a silicon additive in your grow. It strengthens the plant and increases photosynthesis.

Shogun Calmag Sometimes, particularly when using PK boosters plants do not get enough calcium and magnesium. Calmag provides more of these 2 essential nutrients.

Shogun Zenzym If what you in becomes riddled with old, dead roots it will take up space in the rootzone. Worse still, it can encourage infections such as Root Rot. Zenzym contains enzymes which break down dead root material which frees up space and stops them being a risk factor for diseases.

Vitalink nutrients

Vitalink are a highly popular nutrient line and have been around a very long time. It has a few more bottles than the Shogun but it is still not too complicated.

Vitalink MAX Nutrients There’s a vitalink max nutrient every style of grow and whatever you grow in. There’s versions for hard water, soft water and grow and bloom formulations. Excellent nutrients.

Root Stim Like Shogun Katana Roots, Vitalink’s Root Stim will help to build a big, healthy root mass which will provide nutrients for the rest of the plant.

Plant Start Especially made for young plants. Gentle and easy to use.

Buddy Buddy is a flowering stimulator which helps get the most from your crop. It increases the size of fruits and improves the quality too.

PK 13/14 Provides extra P and K during the middle of the flowering cycle to satisfy their hunger for those elements at that time.

Silicon MAX Just like Shogun Silicon, Vitalink Silicon strengthens plants, improving pest and disease resistance as well as increasing photosynthesis.

Vitalink Turbo Vitalink Turbo contains Brassinosteroids which are potent plant hormones. Turbo speeds up plant growth and increases yield.

Vitalink Cal-Mag Cal-Mag helps to safeguard against a shortage of Calcium and Magnesium which are vital nutrients. Can come in handy at any time a deficiency in these elements occurs.

Vitalink Fulvic Fulvic acid is something called a chelating agent. Chelating agents hold nutrients making it easier for plants to absorb them and move them around itself. Highly recommended.

Vitalink Finale Finale is a flushing agent. It helps to remove nutrients from the root zone towards the end of the grow which forces the plant to use up the nutrients which it has already absorbed. Helps to produce a cleaner end product.

Plant Magic Oldtimer

Plant Magic Oldtimer nutrients are fully organic and are our usual recommendation for beginners who want to keep it all natural. This usually gives the best possible quality crops.

Plant Magic Oldtimer Grow Oldtimer Grow is an Organic Nutrient specifically for the veg phase of plants’ growth.

Plant Magic Oldtimer Bloom Oldtimer Bloom is Plant Magic’s Organic Nutrient for the flowering phase of plants’ growth.

Plant Magic Oldtimer PK 4-8 There’s very few organic PK boosters. PK 4-8 provides extra P and K for during the peak of flowering.

Plant Magic Oldtimer Organic Magnesium The best organic source of calcium for plants is lime added to the soil. That leaves Magnesium which is difficult to source as an organic supplement. Oldtimer brings organic magnesium as a supplement for deficiency in this important nutrient.