The AirComfort Sensor – How to Keep Track of Humidity & Temps in your Garden

Most growers find out very quickly that one of the biggest keys to success (or cause of failure) is their growing environment’s conditions. Getting the air temperature and relative humidity right makes a huge difference, If you ignore either or both of these important factors then plant health, growth speed and crop size are highly likely to be compromised.

The bare minimum that a grower should own to help keep an eye on their environment is a thermometer and also a hygrometer (humidity meter). Most growers will go for a combined meter that shows the current temperature and humidity levels and records the max/min levels of each since the unit was last reset. While this helps growers monitor the levels and keep them within acceptable limits, there is a drawback.

Close-up of the AirComfort Temp and Humidity Sensor

Temperature and relative humidity levels can vary hugely over the course of a day and even more so over the course of several days and nights. This variation of temperature and humidity can have lasting effects and implications for a plant, and ultimately your end results.

It is the combination of temperature and humidity that causes something called vapour pressure deficit (VPD). While explaining VPD is beyond the scope of this blog, we would encourage anyone not in the know about this to make themselves familiar. Our blog about it (link above) is a good place to start. In a nutshell, VPD is a measure of the drying ability of air.

Plants will grow best when the drying ability of the air is moderate (not too high or low) There are charts on the internet that will allow you to read off the VPD for any combination of temperature and humidity. While knowing the maximum and minimum levels while you have been away from your garden is handy, how would you know if optimum VPD was being achieved for at least most of the time?

AirComfort Humidity and Temperature Sensor

The AirComfort (model AIRQT) is a temperature and humidity sensor that can keep you up to date about your short and long term grow room conditions. It has also won several design awards (in fact, it has won six at the last count). However, unlike standard thermo/hygro meters, it does not have a display on it. Instead, it streams data to your phone or tablet via Bluetooth. The data can be viewed using the AirComfort downloadable app.

While you are in range (10 metres or so) of this funky looking device, the AirComfort transmits the data live and it can be viewed moment by moment.

If you move out of Bluetooth range the unit will record the data which is then streamed to your phone/tablet when you move back into Bluetooth range again. Once the data has been uploaded to your mobile device, the memory in the AirComfort sensor resets and the data can be stored indefinitely on your mobile or tablet.

The app can be connected to up to 32 AirComfort sensors simultaneously, allowing you to cover multiple grow-spaces from the one app, all on one device.

The AirComfort can make up to 4032 separate recordings of the temperature and relative humidity. How long these 4032 recordings will last will depend on how frequently you set it to take recordings. The app allows you to adjust this setting from between every 5 minutes to up to every 40 minutes. If it is set to every 40 mins then it can store up to 100 days of data, or, if it set to take a recording every 5 mins you’re still getting 14 days worth, plenty to help you tune your environment.

This is how the app looks:

AirComfort AIRQT Temperature and Humidity Sensor Mobile App Screengrab

The AirComfort is a great little device that can help all growers to manage their grow-space(s), whether they are generally close by and tend their gardens regularly or further away and visit infrequently. It means you could monitor your garden temps and relative humidity from the comfort of your armchair. Also, alerts can be set up for temperature or humidity spikes or drops so you’re always in the know regarding your grow room conditions.

Knowledge is power, and the AirComfort arms you with all the raw data about the environmental conditions in your garden as the days and weeks go by. After looking at the logs you may decide that a heater, humidifier or dehumidifier needs to be installed and to come on at certain times of the day or night. Or, if you notice it is getting too hot at times, it could be telling you that you need to upgrade your extraction system for better ventilation and heat removal.


Here at One Stop Grow Shop we talk a lot to our customers. We always find that those growers that get their environmental conditions right are far more successful than those that do not. We think the AirComfort is an absolute god-send to help all growers to get in the know about how they can improve conditions for their plants all day round. So, are you getting the most from your plants by continuously giving them the best environmental conditions at all times? If you don’t know then perhaps you should try an AirComfort and find out how you can raise your whole game!

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