Silver Bullet – It’s the end for grow-room diseases…. forever!

Say Goodbye to Plant Diseases & “Hello” to trouble free growing!

One of the major problems with growing indoors is that once a disease or a mold problem takes a hold in your grow-room, it can be an  absolute nightmare to eradicate. The reason for this is that gardeners usually strive to provide their plants with the very best growing conditions that they can for his plants. There’s humidity created by the combination of water in the grow-room and heat from from the grow-lamps. There’s also wet grow media, and often there’s an automatic watering or hydroponics system which, of course, are full of water . Unfortunately, humidity and lots of water around create a great environment for diseases and molds to thrive.

 So, how can an indoor grower continue to provide the perfect environment for his plants while keeping diseases and fungal infections at bay? Well, ideally, the grow space needs to be kept completely clean, disinfected, and without any bio-film build-ups anywhere. Also, the root-zones and any automatic watering/hydroponics systems need to be kept free of any root rot diseases and spores.

What is needed is a long-lasting, hard-working disinfectant that a grower knows he can rely on. Finally, the perfect products for doing this have arrived – and they’re aptly named “Silver Bullet”!:

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Coming from the designers of Shogun Fertilisers, the Silver Bullet products: “Mist” & “Roots” have already built up a great reputation with everyone who has tried them. Silver Bullet Mist is perfect for disinfecting, cleaning and removing bio-films from walls and grow equipment. The second product, Silver Bullet Roots, is the perfect, long-lasting solution for keeping root-zones free of root-rot.

So what makes Silver Bullet so much better than any other hydrogen peroxide product on the market?

Well, commonly, hydrogen peroxide (in products such as liquid oxygen) has been used for the purpose of getting rid of and keeping the root-zone free of infections, and also for cleaning down grow rooms in between each grow. The problem with hydrogen peroxide solutions is that they are not very stable and will lose their active effectiveness quite quickly. From the moment a bottle is opened,  the hydrogen peroxide is exposed to air and it begins to break down into water and oxygen. This means that hydrogen peroxide on it’s own is not very stable or long-lasting. Once the hydrogen peroxide has lost it’s active effectiveness, it is of no longer any use as a tool against infections.

Silver Bullet contains peroxide but it has a very clever trick up it’s sleeve because the hydrogen peroxide molecules are actually bound to silver (by a special chemical process). Doing this vastly improves the effectiveness and longevity of the biocide.

So why does silver makes such a huge difference?

Binding the molecules of hydrogen peroxide to silver makes a huge difference. It makes the hydrogen peroxide very stable which gives these products a very long shelf life and in use they remain active for a very long time. In fact, if Silver Bullet Roots is added to a reservoir tank it will remain active for about 5 weeks!

On it’s own, peroxide is a great (but short lasting) biocide. On it’s own, silver is a weak disinfectant and antibacterial agent. However, when they are combined (by the special chemical process), their effectiveness as biocides is improved beyond all recognition, and way, way beyond the sum of the parts. The silver fundamentally (and drastically) improves the way that the hydrogen peroxide works right down at a molecular level.

 The chemical formula for hydrogen peroxide is H2O2 which is actually a water molecule (H2O) with an extra attached oxygen atom. This extra oxygen atom is only loosely attached and the hydrogen peroxide molecule will very readily give it up when it comes into contact with any passing particles such as bacteria and spores. This reaction is called oxidation. When something becomes oxidised, like the cell wall of a bacterium, it is effectively damaged. In the case of  the cell wall of a bacterium, the cell wall will be ruptured which causes death.

As for the hydrogen peroxide molecule, now it has lost it’s extra oxygen atom it has done it’s job and it is no longer hydrogen peroxide. It has become just a stable water molecule. This process continues with all the hydrogen peroxide molecules in the solution until they have all been used up.

Another complication is that some species of bacteria also have a defense mechanism against hydrogen peroxide. When these bacteria sense hydrogen peroxide nearby, they release a “cloud” of something catalase. Catalase is an enzyme which neutralises hydrogen peroxide before it can get close enough to damage the bacteria, rendering the use of standard hydrogen peroxide much less effective on those types of bacteria.

Adding silver changes how hydrogen peroxide works in the following ways:

  • The silver makes the hydrogen peroxide active only in the presence of organic material (such as bacteria, mold, spores, biofilm) which makes the hydrogen peroxide far more stable and unlikely to break down when doing nothing.
  • The silver makes the hydrogen peroxide insusceptible to being neutralised by catalase released as a defense mechanism by bacteria.
  • The silver incites a much more energetic oxidation reaction causing greater damage to the bacteria, spores etc.
  • Once the spare oxygen atom has done it’s job, the hydrogen peroxide does not turn into a water molecule. The silver gets the molecule to pick up the oxygen atom again so it remains as a hydrogen peroxide molecule, ready to go off and damage other bacteria etc.

All these benefits of added silver makes Silver Bullet anything up to 20 times more effective than standard hydrogen peroxide products at destroying disease. Silver Bullet Mist and Roots truly are the new “wonder” disinfection products!

Once microbes have established themselves as a culture on a surface in a part of your grow-space, they will release spores into the air which (when the conditions are right) can, and usually will, infect any plants within the vicinity. Because of this, even if new seeds are sown for  each new grow, crop after crop can continue to become infected.

Don’t let infections compromise your grows time after time. Use Silver Bullet Mist and Roots and enjoy your growing with peace of mind that problems with plant disease are taken care of.

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