1. How to Grow Indoors using LEDS

    How to Grow Indoor using LEDS

  2. Negative Air Pressure in your Grow Space

    Keep Odours from Getting Out

    Grow lights produce heat, and plants use up the carbon dioxide (CO2) in the air.

  3. Setting Up An Aeroponic Propagator

    In this video, we show you how to put together an aeroponic propagator. Aeroponic props keep roots super-oxygenated, which speeds up turnaround times massively. They’re easy to use and take minutes to set up.

  4. How to Choose Your Grow System

    How to Choose Your Grow System

    There are a few different systems that you can grow your plants in. For a beginner, we highly

  5. How To Setup Your Medusa Dripper Feed System

    We get asked a lot about how to set up the feed side of the Medusa system. So today were going to take you through the process. If you haven’t already seen them we have full instructions on how to setup the run to waste side of the system, which should always be done before setting up the feed system. If you have not done this already then do this now before going any further.

  6. Growing Indoors - A Basic Guide

    Hydroponics for High Growth Speed and Yields

    Deciding to start indoor growing can be a very exciting prospect. It is true

  7. When is it Time to Upgrade your Extraction

    Is it time for a breath of fresh air?

    In recent years, many new options have arrived on the extraction system market. There are now choices of super-quiet or super-powerful duct fans, quieter and tougher ducting, and some advancements, such as increased bed-depth, in the options available for carbon filters.

  8. 5 Handy Grow Rooms Tools

    5 Great Tools for your Grow Room

    There are several essentials that you need to get growing indoors. As a bare minimum, you

  9. Introduction to the Variety of Different Lamps

    Different Types of Lights

    Choosing a grow light is one of the most important aspects of your indoor setup. You’ll need to have a think about the space the light is going to be illuminating, the output of the light and the power consumption.

  10. DWC - How Much Air Do I Need

    DWC - How Much Air Do I Need?