1. Introducing the Amazing SANlight Q6W

    Introducing the Amazing SANlight Q6W

    Yet again, LED Grow Lights take another leap forward!

    One of the

  2. Mid-size (240w-300w) LEDs, Which is best?

    LED Grow Lights – We compare Models around the 240w to 300w level.

    Not everyone wants to grow in a standard 1.2m square grow tent. That may be because of space limitations or because the cost of the power that the lighting would require would be higher than they want to spend.

  3. Introducing The Maxibright 200w & 300w LED Grow Lights

    2 New Models of the Maxibright Daylight LED Grow Lights Have Arrived We make no secret of the fact that we love the 660w Maxibright Daylight LED grow light. It has a great spectrum, its highly efficient, and because of its design, it has a far superior footprint and a much more even spread of […]

  4. BudBox Lite vs BudBox Pro

    The Battle of the Boxes ? it?s BudBox Lite Vs BudBox Pro Since 2004, BudBox have been (and remain) the leading and most trusted grow tent producers in the indoor horticulture industry, and it?s easy to see why! All BudBox tents feature excellent quality, robust and highly reflective tent linings, which are well stitched and […]

  5. The 660w Maxibright Daylight LED Grow Light Arrives

    The traditional HPS grow light for all intents and purposes is a fixed point light source. A lamp is installed inside a reflector, which then spreads the light out to cover an area such as 1.2m squared. For a long time, the design of LED grow lights has mimicked this idea, with all the LEDs […]

  6. 600w 230v HPS Grow Lamp Shootout – We find the Best 600w HPS Bulb!

    600w 230v HPS Grow Lamp Shootout – We find the Best 600w HPS Bulb!

    The Future is Bright! (as long as you choose the right grow lamp) There is a bewildering number of different brands and models of 600 watt grow lamp on the market. If you are putting together the equipment for your first grow, or just looking to replace your ageing grow lamp, how can you know […]

  7. Which is the Best CDM/CMH Grow Light for Me?

    How to choose a CDM Going back a few years, Metal Halide lamps were the standard choice for vegging or supplementary lighting to give a more balanced spectrum in a flowering setup. Ceramic Discharge Metal Halide (also known as CDM or CMH) grow lights have risen considerably in popularity in the last few years. They […]

  8. What’s the Best Grow Light Reflector?

    Shine a little Light on me! A grow lamp consists of 3 main parts – the ballast, the lamp and the reflector. The job of the ballast is to convert mains electricity into a form that can fire and run a lamp as efficiently as possible. The main differences between different ballasts are whether they […]

  9. What Is Purpinator & How Does It Work?…

    What Is Purpinator & How Does It Work?…

    Building on the success of the much loved Terpinator, Purpinator gives you the ability to bring out your plants natural genetics to create richer colours, aromas and tastes, but how does it do that?… Purpinator naturally stimulates & activates certain intra-cellular biochemical processes within your plants to facilitate increased production of important flavonoids like anthocyanins, […]

  10. Push Plant Growth to New Levels with a Pro-Leaf CO2 Controller

    So, you?ve got everything nailed down ? you?ve mastered your lighting, environment and feeding and you?re pulling in large quantities of high-grade produce. What next? Well, if this is you, the thing to investigate is carbon dioxide (CO2) supplementation. CO2 levels are one of the key factors that dictate rates of photosynthesis. Plants take the […]