Our Website Has A New Look

  • Published on April 30th, 2019
  • Category: General

One Stop Grow Shop’s got a new look.

We don’t like standing still. As part of our commitment to giving you the best possible shopping experience, we’ve upgraded our website to make it easier to navigate, feature more blogs on crucial content to help you grow and special offers we don’t want you to miss out on.
One Stop Grow Shop is continually evolving. Our new superstore in Cannock is fast becoming recognised as the UK’s biggest and best grow shop. Our Stoke headquarters already attracts growers from a huge area who want to get the best deals and our expert advice in person, an upgrade to the look and feel of our website was long overdue.
We hope you like the new look and it helps improve your experience. If you don’t like it or have any views we want to know, pop us a message using the blue button in the bottom right hand corner of the website, we’d love to hear your feedback.
Happy growing