Optilux Grow Lights – Amazing Value for Money

Want to Start Growing on a Budget? You won’t go wrong with Optilux!

We love it when we come across a new range of products that deliver performance that belies their price-points.

Recently, we came across the Optilux range of light products. The range includes a 1000w DE fixture, a 1000w DE HPS lamp, a 600w 230V HPS lamp, a 600w 230V ballast, and pair of 315w CDM lamps in either 3K or 4K.

The Single Ended 600W HPS Digital Ballast and Lamp

We set about testing the 600w 230V HPS lamp with the matching digital ballast. To do this, we used the same test rig that we used for our 600w lamp shootout.

The ballast is dimmable with 4 settings – 250w, 400w, 600w and X-Boost which delivers 10% extra at 660w. This helps to get the most out the of an aging lamp which is nearing the end of its lifespan. It uses a high frequency output and can be used with standard metal halide lamps as well as the more usual HPS type.

Optilux Lighting System

The ballast features soft-start technology, as well as short-circuit, lamp failure and overheat protection. The manufacturer has full confidence in the reliability of the unit and offers a 3-year factory warranty.

In comparative test of the Optilux ballast paired with the Optilux 600w 230v HPS, it achieved 808 µmols/m2/sec underneath the reflector. This rivals the best of HPS lamps out there such as the Sylvania Grolux (807 µmols/m2/sec), and the Gavita Enhanced HPS lamp (also 807 µmols/m2/sec). It almost too good for a budget HPS lamp and trounces the performance from other budget lamps.

Here is the spectrum from the 600w 230V HPS lamp:

The Optilux 1000w DE Complete Grow Fixture

Next up was the Optilux 1000w 400V fixture and the DE HPS lamp.

As usual, we allowed the unit to burn in for a full day before any testing began. We hung it at 800mm and recorded the footprint. We were very impressed by the coverage over a 1.5m x 1.5m area. Of course, 800mm is quite high. This unit would best suit either a grow-room or grow tent with a little bit extra height, such as a 2.2m tall model. The footprint is shown below:

And here is the spectrum from the lamp:

It surprised us that the spectrum of the Optilux 1000w DE HPS lamp is very close to the cream of the crop – the Philips Master Greenpower 1000w DE lamp. This is true praise indeed.

The footprint from the unit is good for a 1.5m x 1.5m area:

We don’t have this available at the moment, but they could find their way onto the One Stop shelves very soon!

The Optilux CDMs

Next, on to the CDM lamps. As with most brands of CDM lamp there are 2 versions (some brands have 3). This is because different spectrums are available for depending on how it is going to be used. Generally, a 4K CDM is great for vegging and as a supplemental light (alongside an HPS lamp) to contribute blue to the combined spectrum during flowering. A 3K CDM is good for standalone flowering, as there is greater proportion of red in the spectrum.

Here is the spectrum of the 4K lamp:

Here is the spectrum of the 3K lamp:

The CDM lamp outputs, in terms of µmols/Joule PPF, are comparable to other brands of CDM, and they are both very high in terms of value for money!

Again, we don’t currently stock these, but it’s something we’re looking to get in if customers are asking for them!

The Optilux is a fantastic addition to the One Stop catalogue, if you want to learn more, visit our website or come and see us in-store.

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