The One Stop Website is About to Get Bigger and Better!

  • Published on June 21st, 2017
  • Category: General

As you’ll no doubt be aware, we are currently in the process of making massive upgrades to our website. We’re always looking for ways to make your online shopping experience better, so you’ll be excited to hear that we’ll soon be running with massively decreased page load times, air-tight security (for your peace of mind), and a ton of new features.
In the short term, this does mean that there will be a few minor technical issues, so please bear with us while we endeavour to get these issues dealt with as swiftly as possible. Don’t hesitate to call us on 01782 749955 (or contact us at if you encounter anything troublesome – our staff are ready and waiting to help.

A Faster Browsing Experience

We’ve built the new website with speed in mind… And it’s fast – really fast! This will make your browsing experience much slicker, especially on mobiles, allowing you to load pages much more quickly when you’re on the move.

Exciting New Features

Having spent the past five years running on an e-commerce platform called CS-Cart, we’re making the move to a cutting edge open source platform called Spree. Switching to Spree will allow us to pack our website with a multitude of new features, like kit builders that will allow you to tailor your grow kit to your own specifications.


We know that security matters to our customers and we take great pride in being the most secure online grow shop out there. Confidentiality is always maintained 100%. Hacking stories are a regular feature in the news these days, but you can rest assured that when you shop with One Stop, you’ll be protected by the very latest encryption standards. Be aware that not every grow shop goes to the same lengths, and that ordering online from less trustworthy grow shops can often prove to be very unwise.

Special Offers

To thank you guys for your patience, and to celebrate this upgrade, we’ll be rolling out money-saving special offers, beginning with lighting kits. For a limited time only, buy a lighting kit with an Adjust-A-Wings Avenger, Adjust-A-Wings Enforcer or Parabolic reflector and you’ll receive a free set of Rope Ratchets.