The One Stop Grow Shop Brand Refresh

  • Published on January 19th, 2017
  • Category: General

We’re having a refresh, keeping it current and making sure our branding reflects the incredible experience we pride ourselves on giving our customers.

One Stop Grow Shop has been going for over 12 years! We’ve come a long way since our director Joe and his dog, Harvey, started up in a small industrial unit in Stoke. We now occupy 3 large dedicated units and the One Stop Grow Shop family has grown to over 20 staff.

We have one of the best hydroponics showrooms in the UK and work closely with the industry’s leading manufacturers to make sure that we are at the forefront of technology emerging onto the market and bringing you the latest innovations.

Our website has also quickly grown to be one of the biggest in the industry and we take incredible pride in being viewed as the place you can get the best products, at the best prices and with the most information so you can make an informed decision. We are working non-stop behind the scenes to make sure our website gives you the best experience available and will be bringing heaps of fantastic new features to make your shopping experience as easy, quick, and pleasurable as possible in the coming months.

We have put great effort into distilling our brand into a revised logo which captures the essence of One Stop Grow Shop in a clean, usable format that will look just as awesome at the top of the website as it will on a receipt or on a hat.

We have made a greater emphasis of our iconic leaf emblem which has been the linking element as our brand has progressed across the years and kept our classic blue and green colour scheme. This isn’t Tesco, we’re a bit edgy and that is reflected in our new form. Even with the mass of growth the company has seen, we want to make sure you know we’re here for you, giving the best advice and we’re the same old One Stop Grow Shop not a sell-out corporate company.

Our new branding isn’t the end point, we are constantly improving and making sure we are giving out customers the best products, information and insight we can. We have invested heavily in the best testing equipment and industry expert staff. We will be producing much more of the science behind the product in the coming months to help inform your buying. We want you to know that if its stocked at One Stop Grow Shop it’s kit worth having.

Here’s to the future (and to massive yields)